Zenith Protein Pure Whey Review


Zenith Nutrition Pure Whey Protein For Weight Loss

I am back with yet another review from Zenith Range, after the last Zenith Green Tea Extract Review. I have been looking for a good quality whey protein about 2 years back, when I joined the gym but could not find one easily since there was not so much trend of online shopping and things specially meant for physically fitness are hardly available offline even now. But this time before starting my summer workout, I have been lucky to get this high quality Zenith Whey Protein. Lets start with the review of this.

Zenith Nutrition Protein Pure Whey Review

What is Whey Protein Good For?

Whey Protein is actually good for those people who are looking for a lean muscular body.  Normally when we are on a weight loss diet, the biggest fear which everyone has is that will this fat loss actually result in attractive lean body or would just leave behind the saggy skin? So this is where this comes as a solution and a perfect product for low carb high protein diet. Not only this, it gives you added advantage by boosting your immunity and controlling your hunger.

Zenith Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Details:

Protein Whey is an ideal nutritional supplements to attain lean muscular body. it contains whey protein isolate & concentrate with maximum protein blended with delicious flavors for better palatability. This Pure Whey is ready source of protein for people looking to build up lean muscle tissue for a lean muscular body. Whey protein has a large concentrate of Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) for ready utilization.

Zenith Whey Protein Review

Other Ingredients :

Whey Protein Isolate (DAVISCO. USA), Whey protein concentrate, (DAVIsco,
USA), Sucralose, Vitamins, Minerals and added approved colors and flavours.

Directions for use

Add one or two scoops in 240 ml of Milk or Water blend or mix to make a tasty milk shake. Add sugar as per taste. To enjoy more, Serve chilled.

Price - Rs 980/- for 300 g.


This Whey Protein comes in nice big white plastic jar with a screw lid. The jar is simple yet convenient nothing fancy still good. This whey protein comes in different flavours to make your drink even more delicious and I have this in my favourite chocolate flavour.

Zenith Nutrition Protein Pure Whey

I normally take about 2 scoops of it with milk just after morning workout because its always best to take this after workout to give our muscles the immediate dose of nutrition for proper growth. Some people advice to drink this high quality whey protein just after waking up since it works best when taken empty stomach. But I take it empty stomach very rare since I enjoy gulping the delicious sips of my liquid chocolate drink right after a tiring and sweaty workout session.  In fact the feel of this tasty drink makes me workout much better because the more you sweat, the more you enjoy the drink.

Zenith Protein Powder Review
Whey Protein

People on weight loss diet are always suggested to go on a low carb high protein diet and thats when the biggest problem arises for them specially in a country like India where the high protein source like Fish is not so easily available and secondly even if is, vegetarians cannot eat it. So for all such problems, this protein powder is the right solution to choose from. I like it even more because it comes in chocolate flavor and nothing tastes better than a chocolate shake in summer mornings. So go ahead and start with your healthy and tasty workout routine with this in summers.


Good high quality whey protein.
Gives lean muscular body.
Removes body fat.
Controls hunger.
Increases immunity power.
Comes in different delicious flavors.


Not available offline.

Disclaimer : Though its a safe product but consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning a dieter exercise program or using this product, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, have existing medical conditions or are taking prescription medications to be on the safer side.


  1. Wow lovely post! The chocolate flavour is one of my favourite i could say,its wonder it assures the quality and the nutritional supplements sounds great!

  2. Zenith Whey Protein is really an awesome and yummy protein. It's my wife 1st choice all over the world. When she bought it I also eaten it. Very testy chocolate flavoure. I recommend to everybody and give it 5 star review.
    Whey Protein in Bangladesh


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