Zenith Nutrition Green Tea Extract Capsules Review

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Zenith Nutrition Green Tea Extract Capsules Review

Zenith Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules for Healthy Weight Loss

This post is about a very healthy product from the Zenith Nutrition Range, a company providing organic good quality health supplements. As promised with the review of the Zenith Health Nutritional Supplements, I am here with my first review on Zenith Green Tea Extract Capsules. I started with Green Tea review first because this is the most required and the most common product, which people look for in health supplements, so I though getting the readers know more about this would be additional help to them. Also winter is almost near to end and this could be the best time for testing these Organic Green Tea as immunity boosters and giving protection from cold and cough, which is quite common in winters. So lets take a look at this Zenith Green Tea Capsules.

Zenith Green Tea Capsules Review

Zenith Nutrition Green Tea Capsules Details:

Green tea is a rich source of polyphenols, particularly the catechin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which provides powerful antioxidant protection, guarding healthy cells from the damaging effects of free radical molecules caused by toxins, pollution, smoke and UV sun rays.

Green tea may also assist with weight management by helping to boost your metabolism. Other potential benefits of green tea include supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels along with promoting liver health.

Supports heart and immune health, and may help with weight management.

PRICE - Rs 480/- for 60 capsules.

Zenith Green Tea Extract Capsules Details & Price
Price & Details

My Experience & Review

Packaging - The packaging of this is quite simple yet very convenient. The capsules come in pure white colored jar with the purple highlights featuring all about the brand and the product. Though the bottle is quite big but still travel friendly since its not too heavy,

Zenith Nutrition Green Tea Review
Green Tea Extract

The capsule looks similar to any other regular capsule and quite easy to take in. I started taking single capsule daily and in about a week's time, I started feeling some difference in my health. I was actually suffering from little bit of cold and cough since about a month, which reduced hugely on taking these capsules, that's why I thought of trying this first. Along with these I could some difference in my skin as well. I don't know what the exact difference was there on my facial skin but I could actually feel the improvement in skin texture, because of which the face looked quite clean and clear than normal.

Regarding this green tea for weight loss, I think it would be too early to comment on this because its been just a week I am taking this so I don't find any noticeable difference as of now. But yes I do feel quite energetic and active, which I think would result in a healthy weight loss in long run with regularity.

Overall I think this Zenith Green Tea is a great product in form of an immunity booster, antioxidant and a healthy weight loss supplements to loose those extra kilos in a safe way. Though this is completely safe to use, but one must consult their doctors before use in case of any doubts. I think its definitely worth trying for someone who is looking for a natural way to be healthy and beautiful and also any one who suffers from minute allergies like cold and cough quite frequently. One can get this easily at most of the online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay etc.


Nice convenient packaging.
Organic green tea capsules.
Good immunity booster.
Helpful in preventing and fighting infections.
Helpful in dealing with cold and cold.
A natural health product.
Easily available online.


Not so easy to find offline.
Little pricey.

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  4. When and How to Take Green Tea Extract?Is Dicalcium Phosphate safe ?

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    Grinding: Tea leaves are ground into smooth, full-greenish talc like powder using years old granite stone mill.
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