Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Review

Kama Ayurveda Rose Water - Pure & Ayurvedic

ROSE WATER is one such thing which has been used in multiple ways in skincare products and remedies. We use it as a toner, homemade makeup fixer, refreshing mist, face masks and what not and every time it works beautifully with just one condition that it must be pure and organic.  Now here comes the simplest yet the most complicated question where to find ORGANIC PURE ROSE WATER? Well answer to this is KAMA AYURVEDA ROSE WATER.

Kama Ayurveda Rose Water Review
Pure Rose Water

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Island Kiss Organic Lip Balm Review

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers - Pure, Natural & Non Toxic

Hello Everyone! Summers are up here and so is the time for beach and today I have got for you some of the best organic non toxic lip balms from the land of beach – Goa. Yes its ISLAND KISS ORGANIC LIP BALMS – 100% Natural and Pure. I was not aware of this brand before but once I got to know about it, I was super excited to use it because of super impressive colorful chic packaging. Take a look at these full of colors Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers.

Island Kiss Lip Balms Review

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Zenith Garcinia Plus 500 For Weight Management Naturally

Zenith Garcinia Plus - Ultra Weight Management Capsules

Everyone loves to have a fit healthy body and so do I. But I am a kind of person who puts on weight quite easily and needs to keep a check on my weight frequently. At times when I am traveling and really crave for the local food of the city, its quite difficult for me to keep a check on things and amount of food I eat. I think this is somewhat common with most of us since its not possible to keep a check on your food intake in every circumstance and this is where the product ZENITH GARCINIA PLUS comes as a rescue helping in ULTRA WEIGHT MANAGEMENT naturally.

Zenith Garcinia Plus Weight Management Capsules Review

Monday, April 18, 2016

Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin Review for Healthy Skin & Eyes

Zenith Astaxanthin – Super AntiOxidant for Healthy Skin & Eyes

Regular readers of my blog are very much aware of the fact that I have pretty much sensitive skin which makes me choose skincare products very carefully. After being benefited by some of the most amazing health supplements from Zenith, I could not resist myself from trying it HEALTHY SKIN SUPPLEMENT which not only promotes healthy skin but also supports healthy eyes and and joints being a SUPER ANTIOXIDANT. So lets get started with the review of this powerful healthy skin supplement – ZENITH ASTAXANTHIN CAPSULES.

Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin Capsules Review

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