Monday, August 25, 2014

Riya Melody Apparel Perfume Spray Review

Apparel Perfume Spray in India Review :

This post is a review on a Apparel Perfume Spray - Riya Melody Apparel Perfume. I have used many apparel perfumes and even reviewed CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume. I keep buying and trying different variants of these since I love using these both as room freshener and fabric freshener. This Riya Melody Apparel Perfume comes in different variants like Melody Black,Pink Pearl, Hook Apparel, Blue Pearl, Bonrich Apparel, Blanche, Barcode Green, Barcode Black and many more variants along with perfumes and deodorants like Orchestra for men and women. These variants are also available online at Snapdeal. Though I bought it online from a local shop and here is the review on it.

Riya Melody Apparel Perfume Spray Review
Riya Apparel Perfume Spray Review

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Origami So Soft Perfumed Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes Review

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Review

These Origami Wet Wipes are little different from the normal wet tissues, since these are 5 in 1 Cleansing, Moisturizing, Deodorizing, Soothing and Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes. Anti bacterial is something unique in this and along with it, these are also perfumed. The features of these Origami So Soft Wet Wipes does not end here, since there is one more to add to it, which is the most important feature of it, and that is these are alcohol free . Yes these are Perfumed Alcohol Free Wet Wipes. I use Kara Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes quite frequently but I think these Origami Wipes have the best combination of features one could get but how good these actually are after use. Here is my review on it, on using these Origami So Soft Deodorizing Perfumed Wet Wipes. Along with the wet wipes, Origami has a huge collection of different types of other tissues including Face tissues, Pocket tissues, Table top Napkins, Kitchen Towels with wet wipes in different variants like that of Lemon, Aloe Vera, Cologne etc. but for now lets continue with the wet wipes.

Origami Wet Wipes Review

Thursday, August 21, 2014

PATANJALI Coconut Hair Oil Review

Patanjali Edible Pure Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair.

The word PATANJALI Edible Coconut Oil might make you wonder, is this an hair oil or an oil meant for cooking purpose. Well when I bought this Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil, I didn't see this word edible and just bought this oil on seeing beautiful pictures of Coconut on it and Patanjali is definitely a brand I trust, since I have tried so many Divya Patanjali Products for Skin & Hair I really like most of them specially its Kesh Kanti Shampoo, Aloe Vera Gel, toothpaste and many more. So I just bought this oil, thinking it to be a normal coconut hair oil. I have already tried Parachute Coconut Hair Oil but this time I wanted to try it from this brand. Though I have seen many pictures of Patanjali Tejus Pure Coconut Oil on the net with the word Tejus, but this oil has no word Tejus but Edible Coconut Oil.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review
Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review