Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Za True White Cleansing Foam Review

Za True White Cleansing Foam Face Wash with Vitamin C Granules.

Za True White Cleansing Foam has been launched in India few months ago. Already so many makeup and beauty blog are full with its rave reviews, so me too being a blogger didn't want to miss a chance to miss it and thus ordered it online. Normally I avoid facial foam for daily use because excess foam on daily use makes skin a little dry and irritated. Neither I support whitening face wash, except few since most of whitening skin care products are full with chemicals, don't give proper results but most importantly I don't feel like use whitening products so much. I do like fair looking skin but not so much that I relate being beautiful completely with fair skin.

This Za True Face Cleanser is from one of the very well known brands Shiseido and after leaving a mark in rest of the world, it's launched in India, so definitely it's was worth trying. This gentle face wash specially claims to get rid of all dead skin giving you moisturized translucent skin. Read on the review below to know my experience and view on this Za True Cleanser.

Za True Cleansing Foam Review
Za True White Cleansing Foam Review

Monday, February 23, 2015

VLCC Fade Tan Removal Skin Polishing Scrub Review

'VLCC Fade Tan Removal Scrub Review'

VLCC Skin Polishing Scrub have been already raved by so many people, but I never tried it until recently when I started developing tanned skin. Its always said exfoliation is the best thing to deal with tanned skin. For this I normally prefer my own Homemade Sugar Scrub or some gentle daily scrub which is not really harsh on skin and can be used safely on any skin type including both sensitive and acne prone skin. Normally there are huge claims from the manufacturers specially in case of giving fair skin whitening, tan removal and much more which never meet the expectation and for this reason I always avoid using products which such claims. But this scrub was praised by so many and is so affordable, I definitely wanted to give this a try on my tanned skin and after using this for few days, here is my review and experience from this VLCC Fade Removal Skin Polishing Scrub.
Vlcc Skin Polishing Scrub Review
VLCC Scrub Review

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Fine Lines Whitening Cream for Age 30+. 

I have already done a post on the launch of Loreal Skin Perfect Range and Loreal 20+ Skin Perfect Cream. Now its time for the next cream in this range, 30+ Anti Fine Lines Whitening Cream. This is a skin whitening cream for women in their thirties with the start of fine lines, wrinkles and this cream come as a rescue to deal with this problem. Since this cream is specially to fight with fine lines, the best time to try this could be winters and this was tested on dry combination skin this winter. Read on the review below to find experience and effect of this cream on dry combination skin.
Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review
Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fab Bag Review - February Valentine Heart Bag

FAB BAG for fab valentine month. Good Evening beauties. I am very excited to share this February month heart shaped Fab Bag with you all.  I'm sure by now most of you would be aware of fab bag, a makeup and beauty bag, which we can order online for our perfect skincare kit for the entire month. One can choose among different options available like weekly monthly as per need. This is a Valentine bag and I know I'm little late in sharing this but can't really help since I was little busy this Valentine and then weekend. Anyways I'm sure you would all be geared up once you see this beautiful heart shaped bag full of wonderful goodies inside. Let's take a look at the bag and the goodies inside. Along with the goodies, I also got a coupon code for the next order.

Fab Bag Review
Fab Bag Review