Friday, February 5, 2016

10 Undisputed Eyelash Natural Growth Home Remedies

Eyelash Natural Growth Home Remedies

EYELASHES don’t grow to their full splendor overnight and it requires special care and caution to make them look glorious. In the market there are many eyelash growth serums, conditioners, instant eyelash booster mascaras, double volume eyelashes and many other cosmetics that promise a lot about increasing, promoting and enhancing your eye lashes with just sufficient uses but only few of them are good at keeping their promise. However, there is a well known place known as “the kitchen”, that contains all the essential supplements to make eyelashes grow strong and interestingly, the process is all natural. Let us look into the 10 kitchen supplements that a kitchen has to make the eyelashes aesthetic.

Eyelash Growth Home Remedies
Thick Eyelashes Naturally

Monday, February 1, 2016

Beauty Foods : Best Foods For Healthy Hair And Skin

Best Beauty Foods for Healthy, Beautiful, Glowing Skin and Hair

Looking beautiful is more than applying creams and make-up to achieve a flawless skin, it actually starts inside your body; the food you eat affects the way you feel and how your skin and hair look. The old saying that ‘beauty is more than skin deep’ is true, consuming the following foods will give you beautiful hair and skin.

Foods for healthy hair and skin

Thursday, January 28, 2016

SoSilk Hair Shampoo Review

I always struggle with my rough dry hair and find different methods, home remedies to turn them into soft, shiny and silky hair. After trying tons of hair shampoo and anti hair fall cleansers, I finally came to know about this new brand SO SILK SHAMPOO, which contains the extracts of SOY, which plays the main role in the quality of your hair. I know this is not so popular brand, but after trying this So Silk Shampoo I had to share this with you. Take a look at this So Silk Shampoo below.

Sosilk Shampoo Review

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine In Being Healthy & Beautiful

Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine and Natural Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Being born and brought up in India, I firmly believe in the ultimate power of AYURVEDA & AYURVEDIC MEDICINE. People who regularly follow my blog, know how much emphasis I put on herbal products rather than those loaded with chemicals which give you only short term results unlike herbal ayurvedic one's which targets the root cause of problem or the disease to finish it off permanently. This guest post by Sujain Thomas (deals in ayurvedic skincare products) is a similar discussion on the same topic Ayurveda, its importance and how it can benefit you in the long term overall, keeping you beautiful naturally.

Importance of Ayuvredic Medicine
Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine