Fab Bag December 2016 Review

Fab Bag December 2016 

I am back with a post update on this month's Fab Bag 2016.  The bag this month arrived quite early at my doorstep than normal and has amazing goodies with different packaging and qualities. Infact this December Fab Bag itself is little different with a metallic glossy touch in silver black color. Lets take a look at this beautifully radiant Fab Bag December 2016.


Makeup Reviews Hall in Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

Hello Viewers...Hope you had a great weekend like I had. And today I have something really exciting to share with all of you. Its a wondeful recognition to Makeup Reviews Hall, listed in Top 25 Beauty Bloggers all over. Credit goes to one of my favorite and reliable sites, (Thoroughly Reviewed), and their authors for including my blog in their list.

I started blogging, simply to share my knowledge, views, opinions, tips and tricks on beauty products, skincare since I have always been into experiments, trying and testing out different skincare products to achieve the most flawless look we all crave for, so thought why not share this knowledge with others and also get to learn something from them, because as said Life is all about learning something new everyday. With all this in mind, I started sharing my ideas, reviews on beauty products from all over but never thought I would be admired so much for this.

Fab Bag November 2016 Review

Fab Bag November 2016 - The Ready Set Glow

Hello Beauties,
How are you. Back after so long with this Fab Bag post. I know I am quite busy in lot of things these days so really apologize for not being regular with my posts but as always I am here with this November 2016 Fab Bag, because this is something I just cannot miss and afford sharing with my readers, since I know like me, you too feel excited to receive this fab goodies filled up bag. So without making you wait further let me show you the products in this Fab Bag Noevember 2016 - The Ready Set Glow.

Fab Bag November 2016 Review

Top Foods For Beautiful Clear Skin

Nature’s Best Food -Wonderful Nourishes

Top Foods to Improve, Soften, Nourish & Pamper Your Skin.
If you are a woman, you know just how important it is to have a nice-looking skin. It is not only important for the skin to look good but also to feel soft and nourishing. It will give you that positive boost you need every day. Looking good means feeling great. Did you know you can achieve all this just by using natural remedies? It is nature that has it all in store for all of us. We just need to make some research and discover how to benefit from what it has to offer. Let’s discover more below.

Top Foods for Beautiful Skin

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