Friday, March 27, 2015

Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 40+ Anti Aging + Whitening Cream Review

Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 40+ Anti Aging + Whitening Cream Review.
Loreal Skin Perfect Range was recently launched for 20+, 30+, and 40+. I have already reviewed the Loreal Skin Perfect Cream for 20+ which I have been using since one month and this 40+ is being used by my Mom. So I will be sharing her experience with you all. All these are skin whitening creams and meant for specific skin issues like aging, blemishes, etc. This 40+ cream is specially to treat blemishes and wrinkles, so I thought this would be perfect for my Mom's skin which is prone to blemishes with little bit of wrinkles here and there though not much. So here I share this review on Loreal Skin Perfect 40+ Cream based on my Mom's experience.

Loreal 40+ Cream Review
Loreal Paris 40+ Cream

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

HAIR SERUM & HAIR LOTION have become one of the necessity now specially when one has to deal with dry frizzy hair. My hair are somewhat dry prone to split ends and tangles, for which I use my all time favorite hair detangler. Along with that I have also made my own homemade leave in conditioner for dry hair to restore moisture and keep hair tangle free. I'm quite a fan of Berina products since I got my straightening done using its hair straightening cream resulting into beautifully straight hair. I am quite satisfied with most of Berina Hair Products, whether it's heat protector or a straightening cream, so thought of trying this super silky hair serum.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Agnes B Travel Kit to Cathay Pacific Passengers.

Traveling is quite common among many people. People travel for different reasons, some for work, some because of work and some for a break. Travelling becomes so refreshing and relaxing specially when you are on a break from you're routine hectic schedule. It becomes even more pampering when some amazing airlines add a personnel touch to their services keeping their customers at priority always no matter what. Similar is the situation of a well known Airline Cathay Pacific which delighted its customers with this so travel friendly and convenient travel bag. Take a look at this Agnes Travel Kit.

Agnes B Travel Kit

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blue Lady Body Spray Review

This Blue Lady Body Spray comes in a mist body splash form. I love using body mist for daily use since they are light, chemical free and somewhat safe to be used on skin instead of deodorants and strong perfumes. I normally avoid perfumes and sticks to these body spray in a mist form. This Blue Lady Body Splash was lying in my cupboard for long, so I thought of reviewing it before the coming summers, since these refreshing mists are our great friends throughout the entire summer.

Blue Lady Body Spray