Aquafire Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorants Review

Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorant in India

I got to know about a new deodorant brand Aquafire and a chance to PR of its two variants - Splash & Angel. I have been using these deo's for about a week and ready to share my experience with you. Before moving on, lets take a look at the claims and other details of this Aquafire Deodorant.

Best Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorant India
Aquafire Splash & Angel Deodorants

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

Fab Bag August 2016 What The Chic Review

Here comes the much awaited FAB BAG AUGUST 2016 - What the Chic pink purple bag. I was eagerly waiting for this since few days since there was Geri G addition this time in the makeup range but I guess this August Fab Bag reached me little late because of delayed operational issues due to heavy rains. But its better late than never, so here I share with you this Fag Bag August 2016 with amazing goodies for this month.

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

Miracle Diet For Weight Loss & Head To Toe Beauty

Miracle Diet For Weight Loss & Head To Toe Beauty

There’s more to beauty than meets the eye, however, one thing’s for sure – if you don’t feel good on the outside, you can’t feel good on the inside. We are what we eat! Today’s miracle diets might work pretty well, but then again depriving your body from essential nutrients can lead to severe skin issues, thick hair and nails, wrinkles, and tired eyes. If you want to reinvent yourself from head to toe and look better than ever, you need to choose a diet that’s reasonable. Furthermore, make sure to include regular exercise into your daily routine. Swimming, trekking, jogging are fun activities you can opt for to lose weight without tearing yourself out. 

Miracle Diet For Fast Weight Loss & Head To Toe Beauty

5 Hair Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hair

5 Hair Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hair

Who does not want luscious lively hair? Not to forget voluminous, the most important dream of all. What good does it do when your hair looks super shiny and full of vigor, yet lacks the density that can help you flaunt it. Hair that lies flat changes the look you wish to get. While some are born with thick healthy hair, others just have to find their ways to retain it.

Hair Hacks To Add Volume to Your Hair

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