I bought this Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant & Perfume together. I have already reviewed Adidas Fruity Rhythm Eau De Toilette Pour Femme perfume ( Check Review Here ). I found the perfume to be just average , not something too good , but I just love this Deo from Adidas.This is one of the best deodorant for women.


Adidas Fruity Rhythm deodorant for women has the following features:

A modern floral fruity fragrance
Provides you a fragrant sensation for your body
Easy to hold can.

PRICE – Rs 190/- for 150ml.


As I said , I got this Adidas Fruity Rhythm Perfume & Deodorant together. I did not liked the perfume too much but I just love the deo. Though both of them are from same variant- Fruity Rhythm, but still I don’t know what made me go crazy for this deo, may be because its slightly cool & light than the perfume.Moreover , the deo is more easy to carry & spray , thus travel friendly.

I was somewhat satisfied with The Adidas Fruity Rhythm Perfume also, but I am simply in love with this deodorant. Ok now let me tell you the true reason , I got many compliments on using this deodorant, that’s what made me go crazy for it

Now to the point , this is a very good Deodorant from Adidas- cool, light, gentle, good for daily use, very pleasant & would definitely be noticed by people. My only concern is its lasting power, it did not last for more than 3-4 hrs or max 5 hrs sometimes.


Nice fragrance.
Light, cool fragrance, very good for daily use.
Reasonably priced.
Easily available.


Lasting power little less.

RATING- 4.5 /5 ( only because of its oki doki lating power.)


  1. This seems to be a great deo. looking fwd to buy! Thanx Prerna 4 sharing

    1. Sure Pinky...Go ahead.Wont Regret.

  2. Nice review Prerna,

    I was thinking of buying it, and i think now i should..<3

    1. Def worth try Niesha..One of the best deos

  3. Hi girly! I love reading you blog :-) I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Please check out my blog for details <3


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