VEDIC LINE CUCUMBER SKIN TONIC WITH ROSE EXTRACT is a toner actually meant for sensitive skin as claimed.Also it claims to close pores.I have open pores & cucumber is known to close open pores & for this reason I bought this VEDIC LINE CUCUMBER TONER.Check review below to know its claims & effectiveness.


VEDIC LINE CUCUMBER SKIN TONIC- Soothes & tones face , while releasing most gentle fragrance.Makes sensitive skin happy.Cucumber & pink rose extracts have mild astrigent effect & help to close open pores during facial , after waxing & skin treatments.

PRICE-Rs 160/- for 200ml

REVIEW- As I said I went for this Vedic Line Cucumber skin Tonic since it has the name cucumber & it also claims to close open pores & makes senstive skin happy.All in all I actually thought I got all the things in this Vedic Line toner for some while.The packaging of the tonic is quite good since it comes in a travel friendly spray bottle making it easy to use.Take a look below

On applying it to skin , it gives a nice cooling sensation , which gave me too much relief after coming from so hot climate outside.It instantly refreshes my skin & takes the dirt off once I wipe it with cotton pad after applying.I even applied it to my upper portion of arms after waxing , since that area is maximum prone to acne , I know you girls too would agree with me on this.But spraying of this VEDIC LINE CUCUMBER TONIC actually soothe my skin & made less zits appear on skin.So this toner works quite nicely in these areas.

However , there are few things which I dont like in this Vedic Line toner.The fragrance of this toner is little strong.Though its almost like that of a Rose , but still its liitle difficult for me too bear.Then on applying this toner on my face , I felt little bit of tingling sensation for few minutes , may be its because of mild astrigent effect.Lastly i felt it dried out my skin sometimes.This was the reason I was not so regular in applying this lotion , i applied it maximum on coming from sun.Due to this I ddnt even felt too much reduction in my pore size , though there was a slight differnce for sure

Overall its a nice cooling tonic lotion , which will intantly give u refreshed feeling & a cooling sensation.


Refreshes , soothes skin instantly.
Gives a cooling effect immediately.
Nice spray bottle.
Reduces zit caused after waxing.
A good toner for summer.


Frangrance little strong
Tingling sensation felt on face for few minutes.
Dried out skin sometimes.
Little expensive as a skin tonic/toner
Not easily available.



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