Island Kiss Tinted Organic Lip Moisturizers New Range

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Island Kiss Tinted Organic Lip Moisturizers New Range

Island Kiss Tinted Organic Lip Moisturizers Review

I shared few Island Kiss Organic Lip Balms last year with you all and you all liked them so much, be it their texture, their amazing property of moisturizing,  nourishing along with giving slight plumping effect to lips, all in all qualifying themselves into all in one daily organic tinted lip balms.  To add to the list I have got for you some more shades & stain - Flamingo Pink & Peonies - Wink Pout Pink & Black Rose & Grenade Rouge - Foxy Red Head, from the new range. So here is the first look to these Island Kiss Lip Moisturiser Stain.

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers & Balms New Range

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Details

From the 2016 colecao of lip stains emerges the seductive lip potion of black rose and grenade rouge, for crimson women with brazen velvet lips. The magic of a midnight, moonlit stroll by the ocean appears with a romantic whisper of noir roses weaving in and out.

Island Kiss flamingo pink and peonies  lip stain emerges a spirited blend of sour citrus and pink peonies. Messing around with boats 'n' surfers always the centre of attention-it brings out the carnival inside of you. The fragrance starts with the he aroma of a margarita cocktail complete with lime wedge, salt on the brim and frosty ice.

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Review

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Claims

Organic lip moisturiser: A tropical scoop of organic avocado, mango and kokum butters will soften, soothe and nourish your lips as they prepare you for a sassy day
SPF 15: Natural sun protection allows for effective depigmentation, while you bake in the sun.
So sassy, so non toxic: Petroleum free, paraben free, sulphate free, dioxide free, phthalate free, free of artificial colours, free of articial fragrances
It's raw: Vegetarian, ingestible, safe for children
It's our pleasure, not tested on animals, cruelty free, recyclable

Price - Rs 499/- each lip balm.

Directions For Use

Squueze with love  anmd caress on to lips until they soften. Enjoy baking in the sun, feel free to lick your lips and savour the taste of your Island kiss.

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Review

Packaging : 

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Packaging

These lip balms come in a similar packaging like the previous one in a sturdy travel friendly tube which is super easy to use and very hygienic as well, no digging of fingers in jars.  The nozzle opening is perfect to release just the sufficient amount of gloss without any wastage.

Texture &  Pigmentation

These lips balms are very smooth but this time these are more pigmented with the texture which is less slippery and kind of stick nicely to your lips. These balms come with a tint which is more prominent and pigmented in this new range.  I have these in 2 shades - Foxy Red Head - which is a bright red shade beautifully pigmented and Wink Pout Pink - which is a subtle pink peachy shade, good for daily use for natural pink lips.

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Island Kiss Organic Tinted Lip Moisturizers Shades

Application & Results

These organic lip moisturizers glides easily but also stick to lips because of the thickness without irritating your skin.  The shades look very pretty on application but the finish is less smooth then the previous range may be because those were more of creamy texture and these are more pigmented.

Island Kiss Tinted Lip Moisturizers Swatches

I just love this Flamingo Pink & Peonies Wink Pout, peachy pink shade. Its looks amazing on someone with smooth lips because of the beautiful subtle shade it adds. Though I feel this red one is little more dark for daily wear, but still a great option to brighten your lips. All in one a great organic pigmented lip moisturizers to add color to your lips along with keeping them moisturized.

Comparing this to the previous range I would say those one were more moisturizing and these one are more pigmented. So if you are looking for someone as a substitute for lip colors and lipsticks along with nourishing touch for daily use, this new range with pigmented lip balms is a great choice but if you want more of nourishment and smoothening effect on your lips then the previous range is a better option. Either way, both are great in their own way being organic, free of chemicals, all natural and safe with SPF protection.


Nice pigmented shades.
Organic lip moisturisers stain.
Adds moisture & color to your lips without harming them.
Comes with SPF 15 for sun protection.
Petroleum free, non toxic 100 % pure lip balms.
Easily available online.


Little expensive as a lip moisturizer.
Less smoothening effect in this new range.

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