Makeup Reviews Hall in Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Makeup Reviews Hall in Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

Hello Viewers...Hope you had a great weekend like I had. And today I have something really exciting to share with all of you. Its a wondeful recognition to Makeup Reviews Hall, listed in Top 25 Beauty Bloggers all over. Credit goes to one of my favorite and reliable sites, (Thoroughly Reviewed), and their authors for including my blog in their list.

I started blogging, simply to share my knowledge, views, opinions, tips and tricks on beauty products, skincare since I have always been into experiments, trying and testing out different skincare products to achieve the most flawless look we all crave for, so thought why not share this knowledge with others and also get to learn something from them, because as said Life is all about learning something new everyday. With all this in mind, I started sharing my ideas, reviews on beauty products from all over but never thought I would be admired so much for this.

Here is a brief of the post down below, if you wish to read this beautifully written post, here is the link:

Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

"At Thoroughly Reviewed we have quite an extensive health & beauty section that helps consumers find the best lipstick, pore minimizer and foundation makeup to name a few products we reviewed on the site. We wanted to take some time and recognize beauty bloggers who are producing great content. Check out our list of the Top 25 Beauty Bloggers."

Some of the amazing blogs like Beauty & the Beat, Beauty & the best, Glow Recipe, Living Pretty Naturally, My Beauty Bunny, Beauty Geek UK, are also listed in the list. I am regular reader of most of these blogs I get to learn so many new tips, tricks ideas from all the blogs here and offcourse my favorite Makeup Reviews Hall. Here is a quick view of my blog and why its loved and made its place in top 25.

Makeup Reviews Hall

Top 25 Beauty Bloggers - Makeup & Beauty

Prerna writes her delightful blog from her home country of India.  Her blog is filled with information on everything from hair care to healthy living to home remedies.  The home remedies section offers hand-made help on how to deal with simple beauty issues and needs.  Many of her home remedies stem from the beautiful and rich culture of India and are based on natural oils and foods that are readily available to most everyone.  Prerna also loves beauty products and cosmetics. Because her friends are always looking for her to review the “next best thing”, she decided to start her blog and share her findings with everyone around the world.

Finally I end this is so special post with tons of happiness, smile and luck for all the bloggers around. May we all wish to grow beautifully each day and keep spreading love, beauty, knowledge and offcourse our reviews to see happy smiling beautiful faces everywhere. Thank you and all the best.

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