Fab Bag August 2016 Review

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

Fab Bag August 2016 What The Chic Review

Here comes the much awaited FAB BAG AUGUST 2016 - What the Chic pink purple bag. I was eagerly waiting for this since few days since there was Geri G addition this time in the makeup range but I guess this August Fab Bag reached me little late because of delayed operational issues due to heavy rains. But its better late than never, so here I share with you this Fag Bag August 2016 with amazing goodies for this month.

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

August Fab Bag Product List & Price

August 2016 Fab Bag Products

Geri G. Innocent Foundation - Rs 2500/- for 30 ml.
Just Herbs Malabar Lemongrass Invigorating Body Wash - Rs 545/- for 200 ml.
Kronokare Anti Turm Repairing Hair Oil - Rs 2875/- for 500 ml.
Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque - Rs 325/- for 100 ml.
Livon Serum - Rs 215/- for 100 ml.

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

This month's August bag comes in a simple polka dot pink purple black leather pouch.The quality is average compared to some of the amazing leather glossy finish bags received in the prior months but still a good bag overall.

The are 5 goodies like usual this time but sort of a complete kit this time. Let start with the brief description on each of these goodies.

Geri G. Innocent Foundation

This is my most favorite product this time and is a self chosen one. There were lip glosses, eye cheek duos to choose from in the desired shade and I opted for this innocent foundation since I am full with tons of lip glosses and and quite satisfied with my eye shadow and blush palettets but always ready to try different foundtions till I have the one with complete flawless and natural look.

I just love the packaging of this Geri G. Foundation. It comes in a sleek pump dispenser glass bottle which looks absolutely elegant and is super user friendly to use taking care of the hygiene issues as well. I would soon be posting a detailed review of this innocent foundation in not so innocent way.

Just Herbs Malabar Lemongrass Invigorating Body Wash 

August Fab Bag 2016 Review - What The Chic Bag

Next comes this Just Herbs Lemongrass Invigorating Body Wash. Well I love using body wash and shower gels with some citrus touch specially in summer months, because they are super refreshing and instantly give a nice boost revitalizing and uplifting your dull mood all together. These works equally good in a nice hot shower after the messy rainy weather. Stay tuned for the rich feel of this in detail.

Kronokare Anti Turm Repairing Hair Oil

Fab Bag August 2016

This Kronokare Anti Turm Repairing Hair Oil is a unique blend of special aroma oils like Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint etc to give nice boost to your hair condition repairing their look, texture and feel. I would be trying this soon to find out how well it delivers what it claims since my hair truly needs the pampering session to restore its natural health and shine.

Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque

Fab Bag August 2016 Review

I am not really fond of using face masks but quite excited to try this one because of the two amazing ingredients it offers - Grapefruit and Vitamin C. Grapefruit is a wonder ingredient for acne prone skin and Vitamin C is best known for its lightening properties. I guess this is the right time to try this face masque because this rainy season has made my skin little tanned with few zits here and there so this face masque can be tested for its claims perfectly for a lighter, whiter, brighter fix.

Livon Hair Serum 

Fab Bag August 2016 Products

Last but not the least comes this Livon Hair Serum, which just does not reqiures any intro. We are all aware of this amazing hair serum and most of us love this because of its unique power of unlocking those stubborn locks and tangles resulting into a nice smooth shiny hair and its kind of a must to have this with you in this rainy weather when hair are most prone to tangles and stubborn knots.

So this was all about this month's August Fab Bag 2016, its products and details of the same. I guess the bag has been best customized for the rainy weather sending the best essentials to deal with it. I would soon be doing individual review posts on these as requested. Till then go ahead and subscribe to your own Fab Bag every month, to take best care of your skin and hair in every season. 

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