Aquafire Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorants Review

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Aquafire Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorants Review

Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorant in India

I got to know about a new deodorant brand Aquafire and a chance to PR of its two variants - Splash & Angel. I have been using these deo's for about a week and ready to share my experience with you. Before moving on, lets take a look at the claims and other details of this Aquafire Deodorant.

Best Alcohol Free Long Lasting Deodorant India
Aquafire Splash & Angel Deodorants

Aquafire Long Lasting Deodorants Details & Claims

Aquafire Deodorant Details & Price

Feel The Delightful Infusion of Colourful Fruits and Delicate Flowers. Fragrance That Keeps You In High Spirits With This Alcohol-Free Splash Deodorant From Aquafire.

Our Deodorants Are Made With Cool And Refreshing Extracts Without Alcohol And Aluminium Making It Ideal Even On Sensitive Skin, The Splash Deodorant Uplifts Your Mood And Keeps You Feeling Revitalised. Freshness Blast Tech:- Our Deodorants Are Pressurised Giving You A Blast Of The Mild Fragrance, Ensuring It Covers Major Portion , Leaving You Fresh All Day Long.

 Alcohol Free:- A No Nonsense Alcohol Free Deodorant Which Effectively Prevents Odour While Providing The All Day Protection You Need.

Our Effective Formulation Ensures It Does Not Mark Or Stain Clothes.  They Do Not Leave White Patches Or Stain Clothes On Application.

Easy On The Skin:- Our Deodorants Are Formulated To Make Sure The Blast Of Freshness Is Easy On The Skin, Preventing Burns. Our Deodorant Is Very Safe, Its Lubrication Formula Makes Sure The Skin Doesn't Dry.

Aluminium Free:- Its Aluminium Free Formulation Prevents Under Arm Staining And It Does Not Sting Or Dry The Skin Long Lasting.

Application:- Shake Well Before Use ,Hold Can 15Cm From Underarm And Spray. For Best, Spray After Taking A Shower, And Feel The Fragrance All Day. Do Not Apply To Broken Or Irritated Skin.

PRICE - Rs 180/- for 150 ml.

Aquafire Long Lasting Deodorant Review

Packaging, Effect & Long Lasting Power

These long lasting deodorant's from Aquafire come in a very similar packaging just like other deo's but appear to me very attractive because of its extra colorful prints. The quality wise they are too fragile, since the nozzle of the splash one came out just after the 3rd use and I need to refix it again most of the times.

I have got two variants - Splash & Angel and both of these are free from alcohol and safe even for sensitive skin like mine.

Alcohol Free Deodorant IndiaLong Lasting Deodorant India

The splash one in blue color is very similar to regular aqua fragrance and makes you relate to those misty fresh flowers aroma in a very gentle way without irritating your nose. I could relate this fragrance to the Nivea Deodorant, which I just love. I love these kind of soothing creamy fragrance almost in every season but these work even better in summers and rainy season to give a nice fresh feel.

The next one Angel in pink is a feminine fragrance but quite strong to be soothing. If you overdo the spray, you might feel it to be little overpowering, I guess people who used Fogg Body Sprays would actually know what I mean to say here. I rarely use this one because of its extra strong effect and even if I do, I limit the spray to twice max.

The lasting power of the deodorant is quite good. I spray in the morning and could easily feel the effect of this in evening, after mid noon. And this too when I have been in air condition most of the time. The claim freshness all day long is bit exxagerrated but I guess none of the deo's are able to give that all day freshness, so this one is just one more with regular claims.

Overall I would say these are quite good new entrants in this deodorant market and quite reasonable for the quality and quantity it offers compared to other deo's in the market. Along with that, it offers different variants in deo's for both men and women to choose from as per your preference. These are easily available online at Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm.


New range of deodorants from Aquafire.
Available in variants for men & women both.
Nice soothing fragrance for a refreshing feel.
Priced reasonably for the quality & quantity.
Easily available online.
Lasting power is quite good abt 6-7 hours.


Not available offline.
The bottles quality not too sturdy, nozzles keep dropping easily.
Strong fragrances might be overpowering for those with sensitive nose.

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