10 Undisputed Eyelash Natural Growth Home Remedies

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Friday, February 5, 2016

10 Undisputed Eyelash Natural Growth Home Remedies

Eyelash Natural Growth Home Remedies

EYELASHES don’t grow to their full splendor overnight and it requires special care and caution to make them look glorious. In the market there are many eyelash growth serums, conditioners, instant eyelash booster mascaras, double volume eyelashes and many other cosmetics that promise a lot about increasing, promoting and enhancing your eye lashes with just sufficient uses but only few of them are good at keeping their promise. However, there is a well known place known as “the kitchen”, that contains all the essential supplements to make eyelashes grow strong and interestingly, the process is all natural. Let us look into the 10 kitchen supplements that a kitchen has to make the eyelashes aesthetic.

Eyelash Growth Home Remedies
Thick Eyelashes Naturally


Olive Oil for Natural Growth

There are many essential vitamins in Olive oil that are capable of nourishing the hair and strengthen the strands so that the eyelash can grow softer and longer. Apply oil before going to sleep gently over the eyelashes and observe outstanding results in a matter of months.

Eyelash Growth Home Remedies
Olive Oil

Castor Oil, Best for Eyelash Growth

For ages castor oil is best for stimulating hair growth and one can expect similar results on eyelashes as well. It has anti-bacterial properties preventing any infections to grow on the eyelash and the rich nutrients make sure the eyelashes grow thick and long. The application is same as that of Olive oil, but it needs additional care and should be applied with the help of a cotton swab.

Lavender & Coconut

Eyelash Growth Home Remedies
Coconut Oil and Lavender

Coconut works wondrously for many health ailments and the oil is used all over the world for hair strengthening. Lavender oil on the other hand prevents hair loss, moisturizes the scalp and because of its antiseptic qualities inhibits the growth of bacteria or microbes or fungi. A combination of these oils would act as elixir to the dull eyelashes. Add two tbsp of coconut oil to 8-10 drops of lavender oil, mix well and apply the mixture near the eyelash base.

Natural sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an absolute peach when it comes to dealing with skin problems. So, either by intake or applying them at the eyelash base an individual can have well-nourished and thick eyelashes. There is abundance of the Vitamin present in sources like papaya, hazelnut, broccoli, avocado, raw seeds, almond oils, Swiss chard, etc. If intake is a problem, simply buy Vitamin E capsules and open them up to apply the powdered content near the base.

Eyelash Growth Home Remedies
Vitamin E for Eyelash Growth

Homemade Mixture of the Best Oils

If trying all the supplements mentioned above is difficult, then pour all the oils into a container and mix them to use as eyelash enhancements. Coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil and even almond oil can be used for preparing the mixture, but make sure they are not highly concentrated and diluted properly. The ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions and applied overnight followed by clean washing in the morning.

Natural sources for Vitamin H (Biotin)

The “H” in the Vitamin H stands for hair, implying the essentially of Biotin for hair growth. It plays an essential part in increasing the flow of blood to follicles, preventing fall of hair and drying. Further, Biotin helps in the absorption of amino acids, carbohydrates, etc. which are useful in conditioning the eyelashes. Fortunately, Vitamin H is present in regular foods like beans, eggs, cow’s milk, bananas, sardines, walnuts, soybeans, etc.

Green Tea

If people think that green tea is for healing an individual from the inside, well it is quite capable of beautifying the face by enhancing the dull eyelashes and bringing them to life. Moreover, for those who dislike green tea it can be applied over the skin as well after cooling down the preparation. The liquid should be washed off after five minutes of application. As Organic Green Tea contains Vitamin C, polyphenols, Vitamin E etc. it is great for hair softening and encouraging the growth of eyelashes in an invigorating way.

Aloe Vera for Natural Hair Growth

Eyelash Growth Natural Home Remedies
Aloe Vera

If there is anything Aloe Vera can’t do, it would revoke the dead. It has so many remedial properties that everyone should grow it in their backyard. It moisturizes the scalp and keeps the skin away from infections facilitating eyelash growth. The best way to apply fresh cut Aloe Vera Gel is through a mascara wand and take care not to apply too much as it could cause irritation. As the gel contains vitamins and nutrients that help the condition of the eyelash growth is observed quickly.

Coconut Milk

Eyelash Growth Natural Home Remedies
Coconut Milk

Its Coconut again but this time it is offering milk for better eyelashes. The proteins present in the coconut milk will help in providing density, volume and shine to the eyelashes. Coconut milk should be applied over the eyelashes and wash it off after 10-15 minutes, by repeating the process daily over a span of 3-4 weeks the results would be evident.

Egg white

For women watching those falling lashes would be like pricking the heart with a fencing sword. The best remedy for this is applying nicely beat egg white combined with castor oil overnight. The eyelashes, not only will stop to fall, but also will increase in thickness and strength making them look attractable.

All these supplements are not beyond reach for a woman and the results they produce are rather grand. So, before going for those artificially manufactured products (which contain most of these supplements as ingredients) try these kitchen alternatives to get those perfectly conditioned eyelashes which make a woman blissful and adorable.

Author Bio : Daniel Norwood is an enthusiastic writer and fashion blogger working for eyelashtalk. In addition, he loves to research on new products that can help beautifying the world and the information he gathers, he distributes through various platforms so that everyone can be knowledgeable about aesthetic fashion trends.

  1. Nice tips. I have been using castor oil and I can vouch that it works wonders.

  2. I have tried caster oil on my lashes. it worked really well

  3. Thanks for the tips. It's Very helpful.


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