Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine In Being Healthy & Beautiful

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine In Being Healthy & Beautiful

Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine and Natural Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Being born and brought up in India, I firmly believe in the ultimate power of AYURVEDA & AYURVEDIC MEDICINE. People who regularly follow my blog, know how much emphasis I put on herbal products rather than those loaded with chemicals which give you only short term results unlike herbal ayurvedic one's which targets the root cause of problem or the disease to finish it off permanently. This guest post by Sujain Thomas (deals in ayurvedic skincare products) is a similar discussion on the same topic Ayurveda, its importance and how it can benefit you in the long term overall, keeping you beautiful naturally.

Importance of Ayuvredic Medicine
Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system that was first developed in India. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the belief that the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit determines health and wellness of the body. Therefore instead of focusing on fighting disease, Ayurvedic medicine tries to promote health of the body.

Ayurvedic medicine concepts

Everything in the universe whether animate or inanimate is connected according to Ayurveda. Therefore, good health can be achieved when there is harmony between the universe and your mind, body, and spirit. Sickness is often as a result of the disruption of this balance. Anything that affects your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being can lead to the disruption of the harmony between you and the universe. These factors include climatic changes, age, emotions, injuries and even birth defects.


Your body’s constitution is the different elements of your system that work together to keep you healthy and maintain your unique physical and psychological characteristics. This is referred to as Prakriti, which stays the same throughout your lifetime. Your Prakriti is affected by how you digest your food or eliminate waste from your body.


There are five basic elements in the universe: Air, space, fire, water and earth. These elements combine in the body to form your life force or energy, which are called Doshas. Doshas are divided into three main categories depending on which combination of elements are dominant in your system.
•    Vata (space and air)
•    Pitta (fire and water)
•    Kapha (water and earth)

Although everyone possesses a mix of the three Doshas, there is one, which is most dominant. Therefore, your chance of getting sick depends on the balance of your Doshas. Knowing your Dosha can help you choose the best Ayurvedic oils and herbs to use on your body.
Natural Ayurvedic skin care products.

Ayurvedic skin care products are formulated for each individual skin type depending on your Dosha. The different skin types of the three Doshas are:

•    VataDosha- Dry skin
•    Pitta Dosha- normal, combination or sensitive skin
•    KaphaDosha- Oily skin.


Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine
Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine

In order to get the right results, you should choose the right Ayurvedic formulation for your skin type. These formulations contain products such as,

Actives and Antioxidants
These revitalize and protect the skin. Alpha lipoic acid, seaweed extracts, plant peptides, vitamins A & E and carotenes are just some of the actives and antioxidants used in Ayurvedic formulations to stimulate cell functions.

Essential Oils
A high concentration of essential oils is also necessary to support physical, emotional and mental balance for all Dosha skin types. Essential oils include chamomile, eucalyptus, guava, flax, anite, valerian, and bergamot among others.

Finally, all Ayurvedic formulations contain a balance of rejuvenating herbs, such as amla, brahmi, neem and ashwagandha that bring balance and wellness to the foundation. These herbs are the cornerstone of Ayurvedic skin care products’ formulations and they are selected carefully for deep purification, protection and renewal of the skin.

Author Bio
Sujain Thomas is a cosmetic skin care professional who uses natural Ayurvedic skin care products. You can find a range of skin care products for your Dosha at
  1. I too believe in ayurvedic remedies more as compared to anything else..Moreover they dont harm at all :D It was a great read :d Very informative

  2. Great Article, ayurvedic remedies always helpful to our skin having no risk of any harm. nowadays we can get all this natural ayurvedic products online.

  3. Ayurveda is an age-old science as it is known to almost every one of us, Ayurvedic therapies are now proven to be more effective in curing several diseases. Most importantly, Ayurveda helps one to bring peace and harmony in life besides treating illnesses.

  4. Ayurveda is an age-old science as it is known to almost every one of us, Ayurvedic therapies are now proven to be more effective in curing several diseases. Most importantly, Ayurveda helps one to bring peace and harmony in life besides treating illnesses.

  5. Nice Blog,I think ayurvedic medicines is great helpful for our body..and their is no harmful for our body and i recommended patanjali ayurvedic medicines is more helpful for our basic life...

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