Fab Bag January 2016 Beauty Resolutions Review

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fab Bag January 2016 Beauty Resolutions Review

FAB BAG January 2016 Review

Fab Bag in this starting of the year 2016 comes with the Beauty Resolutions in this January month of resolutions. I have been enjoying these precious Fab Bag all over 2015 and want to continue with these in this beautiful and super lucky year 2016. Wishing all a very happy, lucky and a prosperous new year 2016.
Fab Bag January 2016 Review
Fab Bag January 2016

The bag this time is little different than the regular ones. Its off white in color with colorful pictures of makeup products like lipstick, mascara, powder, nail paint all over it. The bag actually looks like of a school going child. I find the bag to be average with average products this time unlike new year celebrations expectations.

Fab Bag January 2016 Products List &Price

Fab Bag January 2016 Products
Fab Bag Jan 2016 Products

Natural Bath & Body French Red Clay Face Masque – Rs  450/- for 100 ml.
Natural Bath & Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream – Rs 275/- for 50 ml.
Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick – Shade Ruby – Rs 1500/-
Votre Face Serum -  Rs 1670/- for 12 ml.
BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish Rs 550/- for 150 ml.

Fab Bag Jan 2016 Review

Fab Bag this time looks somewhat kiddish with animated makeup stuff over it. I would love gifting it to my niece who is going to love this for sure. Let's take a look at the products in this Beauty Resolutions Fab Bag January 2016.

Products and Details:

B Blunt Spotlight Hair Polish 

Fab Bag January 2016 Review
Hair Polish

This hair polish for instant shine from BBlunt is quite a unique and interesting product this time. After all hair volumizing spray, hair serums I was looking for a hair shine spray and here I got. This comes in a spray form and smells amazing. I would be soon doing a detailed review of this.

Votre Face Serum

Votre Facial Serum

I have been gifted with lot of Votre Skincare Products few months back and I'm totally loving those specially Votre  Rice Scrub. This time its this face serum. At first look I thought its Just Herbs rejuvenating facial serum because of very similar packaging but then realized its from Votre. Enriched with organic oils is difficult to resist and quite perfect for winters.

Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream Vitamin E

Vitamin E Whipped Cream

This whipped cream with vitamin E, claims to be the magic charm for sensitive skin. It claims to be organic and paraben free, perfect for sensitive skin. Till now I have used a single cream from Natural Bath & Body, the cuticle hand cream and totally loved it. I am yet to try this and update with its review. I am the one with sensitive skin so find it really hard to have products that are gentle and safe for sensitive skin, so whenever I get these I can't really thank more.

Natural Bath & Body Clay Face Masque

Red Clay Masque

This red clay mask from Bath and body is again somewhat unique product. Red clay is also good for sensitive skin and I have been using it quite frequently on my skin to deal with its various issues. Only difference being its not normal but French Red Clay. I'm quite excited to try this in summers when the clay is most required.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Lipsticks - Ruby

This is the last 5th product which I myself chose to be in this Fab Bag. Though I love this product the most of all but since I myself picked it and its the 2nd time I'm getting it I kept it in the last but I like it very much. I have been using this mineral lipstick since about a month and have been loving its shade.

Overall I find this months Fab Bag January 2016 to be an average bag and average products this time. I was expecting something good, exciting and unexpected as a new year gift but this time most of the products were sample size and the bag was also not so impressive. Though I still like it as always but would love if it gets better every time to make a special place in every girls almira every month so much that we simply can't resist it.
  1. I am not subscribed to this lovely fab bag :( I think i'll just have to go and have it subscribed asap ! Such lovely products ! Nice review dear!

  2. An average bag this time. Good to know votre products worked for you. They never worked for me.

  3. fab bag nice and votre face serum is too good to have it in that bag... i love this serum..its too osm..!!!

  4. Great review. How was the serum?

  5. how you choose product for your fab bag ?? i am not bale to do so.

  6. I'm not a big fan of fab bag...as most of the products don't suit my skin,,the candle massage oil was the worst product,,,it made my skin so prone breakouts thank God I didn't try it on my face.

  7. I'm not a big fan of fab bag...as most of the products don't suit my skin,,the candle massage oil was the worst product,,,it made my skin so prone breakouts thank God I didn't try it on my face.


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