Fogg Deodorant Body Spray Review

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fogg Deodorant Body Spray Review

Fogg Deodorant Review

FOGG DEODORANT SPRAY & PERFUME have been very much in the news and ads in the last few months because of its extra long lasting effect and claims of not being similar to regular deo's filled with gas. This is very special with VINI COSMETICS, they always come up with something unique and different. I remember few years back, they came up with a hair perfume spray, which I quite liked, then these long lasting deo and then came up with GLAM UP POWDER CREAM and recently added more in their perfumes. Like almost everyone, I too was excited with their claims and definitely wanted to try their scents and perfumes. Fortunately these were easily available in most of the shops, stores and even on online sites, making themselves an easy buy for both online and offline shoppers. Being pretty much impressed by their huge range, I opted for these four variants of Fogg Deodorants - Paradise, Essence, Delicious, Radiate and after using them for some while, here is my detailed review on these body spray.

Fogg Deo Review
Fogg Body Spray

Fogg Deodorant Body Spray Details:

An exquisite and rare fragrance for women from Fogg armed with natural antibacterial properties. It ensures great smell all day and is ideal for hot and sweaty days.

Variants: Comes in lot of varianst in perfumes and  deos both for men and women, some of them being Paradise, Essence, Delicious, Radiate, Forever, Royal, Reveal Black, Blossom Black, Woody Black, Majestic, Extreme etc.

PRICE - Rs 195/- for 120 ml.

Fogg Deodorant Spray Review

Fogg Deodorant comes in slightly different packaging than regular deos, with a tilted cap and bright radiant colors, which are surely going to attract your attention out of the lot. The color brightness was one of the reason, I grabbed four of these, since these come in super pretty colors. The purple one is PARADISE, pink is ESSENCE, orange is RADIATE and finally dark pink is DELICIOUS.
Application & Lasting Effect :

When I smelled  these Fogg Body Spray for the very first time, I liked the fragrance, but as soon as I released the spray, the fragrance got too strong for me too bear. It reduce little bit after few seconds but overall strong effect of the spray and fragrance could be easily felt unlike regular deo's like Dove, Nivea Deodorant, most of which are normally gentle from the beginning and calms down further for a nice soothing effect. I cannot say this for any of these deo's here since they are strong in their nature irrespective of the variant and thats what the usp of these deodorants are.

Fogg Deo Review
Fogg Body Spray

The different variants do have their own strong effect and lasting capacity. The purple one i.e PARADISE is the best of these 4 variants I have. Its definitely strong and good but it settles down within few seconds, not being overpowering to the extent that cannot be tolerated. Rather after few seconds, it feels quite pleasing. The good part that it hold its aroma even till the evening giving you a fresh feel even after hours. This PARADISE deo is perfect for any occassion be it office, party or any function.

The next one I like of these is this ESSENCE in pink. Though this a very strong fruity fragrance, which most of people would not be able to bear initially because of its very strong and overpowering feel, which do settles down little bit in some time but still remains strong. I like the fragrance but wish it had been litte lighter. For this reason, I apply this deo in Essence whenever I am out in sun or perparing for a long trip, when I definitely need something strong like this.

The other two variants DELICIOUS and RADIATE are just average. I am quite ok with their aroma and their lasting effect is definitely strong like most of the Fogg Body Sprays, but since the aroma is not so impressive, I would not like going in its detailed review.

Fogg Deo Review
Fogg Body Spray

Overall I would say these deodorants are unique in their own way because of strong fragrance and long lasting effect unlike regular deo's which are generally soft and soothing but then they don't even last that long except few. So if you are looking for a really strong deo with a good lasting power, then you should opt for one from this huge range of Fogg Deodorants but if you have even the slightest of sensitive nose then just stay away from these totally. I would be buying this Paradise deo again and would love to try any of the feminine perfume from their upcoming range.

Strong fragrance than regular deodorants.
Long lasting effect more than usual.
Claims to be gas free.
Comes in huge number of variants to choose from.
Attractive colorful packaging.
Easily available online offline both.

Fragrance too strong, might be overpowering for some.
Some of the fragrance not so pleasing being strong.
Little expensive than regular deo's.
Definitely not for people with sensitive nose.

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