Ecotools 5 Piece Mineral Brush Set Review

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ecotools 5 Piece Mineral Brush Set Review

Ecotools Bamboo 5 Pc Brush Set

Ecotools 5 pc brush set is one of the most eco friendly set of makeup and beauty brushes made up of bamboo and synthetic bristles making these totally cruelty free. The best part is that along being eco friendly they come at a very affordable price. Since ECOTOOLS is an imported brand, so these brushes are not so easily available in India, if they are then at a little expensive price but still not so difficult to get because of so many international online shopping sites like eBay. I got mine from eBay at a very affordable price along with shipping and I was more than happy to receive these brushes since I got these about an year ago when we could hardly get any good brand makeup brushes in India and the cheap price of these were like icing on cake. I also ordered the most raved Ecotools Bronzer Brush and the basic foundation brush  which I will be reviewing in separate individual posts. Let's move on with the review of this Ecotools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set.

Ecotools Brush Set Review
Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set

What Ecotools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set Claim?

Create a natural look with our brushes, designed to apply mineral makeup with ease. Start with the concealer brush to cover imperfections for a flawless base. Use the mineral powder brush to apply powder or mineral foundation. Use the mini kabuki for blush or highlighter around the apples of your cheeks. Complete your natural look using the eye shading brush to swipe a sheer shadow over the base of your eye.


Interested in extending the life of your brushes? Here's how we clean our brushes!
If it's a brush you use daily, we recommend washing it weekly.
Use warm water and a mild cleanser such as baby shampoo.
Lather the bristles with cleanser and rinse under water until the water    runs clear.
Try not to fully submerge the base of the bristles in water or your cruelty-free bristles may detach from the form.
After rinsing, smooth brush head back into original form.
Let dry overnight and wake up to a refreshed brush for your morning makeup routine!

Ecotools Brush Set Review
Ecotools Brush Set Details

PRICE - $9.99 only.

Ecotools 5 Pc Mineral Brush Set Review

There are actually 4 different makeup brushes along with a cotton cosmetic bag to keep the brushes which makes a total of 5 pieces but however I don't feel any use of the cosmetic bag since it's too small for the brushes to fit into it. One can use it to keep some smaller items like hair pins, clips or some change, since it quite cute and cruelty free.

Ecotools 5 piece brush set review
Ecotools 5 Pc Brush Set

Now let's take a look at the brushes starting with my most favorite brush of the lot moving on to the least.


Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush Review
Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush

Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush is my most favorite brush. Though it's meant to apply foundation and powder but I just don't think it's good as a foundation brush rather I love it for the bronzing and contouring part. Because of the flat domed shaped look this brush works great as a bronzer blush on brush giving you full control because of its wide flat shape. The bristles are super soft and not prone to shedding.


Ecotools Eye shadow brush review
Ecotools Eye Shading Brush

Ecotools Eye Shading Brush is another good brush for eye shadow application and blending. I love this brush because of its dense volume which helps in picking up generous amount of eye shadow giving a vibrant application of the shades on the eyes along with highlighting the under brows area quickly and easily.


Ecotools Mini Kabuki Brush Review
Ecotools Mini Kabuki Brush

Now comes this Ecotools Mini Kabuki Brush which is actually meant to buff up those areas where you require more coverage but since it's not too dense, I don't this this mini kabuki is that great in this aspect rather I use it as a powder brush for the final tough to set in my all makeup to make it long lasting and even.


Ecotools Concealer Brush Review
Ecotools Concealer Brush

Lastly comes this Ecotools Concealer Brush which is a simple concealer brush very similar to regular basic concealing brushes. It's great for precise application to cover you pop ups and zits. It's better than the regular brushes because if it's soft bristles and cruelty free making.

This is all about these ECOTOOLS 5 Pc Brush Set. They are good for makeup application specially the mineral powder brush is simply great. Along with that these are cruelty free and comes at a very affordable price e and can easily replace some of the high end makeup beauty brushes. If you are a beginner in brushes or haven't used any, I would totally advice you to try these from Ecotools since these are not expensive at all and great for first time usage. These Ecotools Makeup & Beauty brushes are easily available at most of the online shopping sites but if you reside in India then you can buy these from international selling websites like eBay or at a little higher price at Indian sites as well. I hope this review helped you in knowing about these makeup tools andd I will soon be reviewing Ecotools foundation and bronzer brush.

Ecotools 5 Pc Brush Set Review
Ecotools 5 Piece Brush Set

Cruelty free Eco Friendly Brushes.
Dense and super soft bristles.
Made up of bamboo.
Bristles are great for application and does not shed of bleed.
Very affordable.
Easily available online.

Difficult to get in India.
Pouch too small for the brushes to fit in.
Handles are little small in length than regular.

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