KLEANCOLOR Wonder Eyebrow Razor Review

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KLEANCOLOR Wonder Eyebrow Razor Review

KleanColor Wonder Eyebrow Razor

This Review is on a very unique product EYEBROW RAZOR, yes you heard it right a razor for your eyebrows. I know most of you might not even know about what is an eyebrow razor. I never heard of an eyebrow razor until recently when I was browsing an online makeup and beauty siteBeautyjoint.com. I was so happy seeing this cute razor because I do feel a bit lazy at times to visit the salon just for this 10 minutes of brow tweezing. For this I even bought a Colorbar Eyebrow Tweezer recently and have been totally loving it. But since razors are quick and pain free for hair removal, I could not resist my temptation to try this and moreover it was being sold at a very reasonable price so without giving a second thought I just ordered this Kleancolor Razor instantly.

Kleancolor Eyebrow Razor Review
Kleancolor Eyebrow Razor

Kleancolor Eyebrow Razor Claim & Details:

KleanColor's Wonder Eyebrow Razor trims away unwanted hair for an immaculate and smooth eyebrow, upper lip, or elsewhere.

KleanColor Eyebrow Razor Review

On opening my parcel, I was so happy to look at these tiny cute hair removers in different colours I got these in 3 different Shades as shown online. I quickly pulled the pink one out revealing another amazing feature of this immediately to roll itself into a form of a portable razor wrapped in a safe cover. So yes this is very travel friendly, safe to carry and so small thats fits easily in your palms. Take a look below:

Eyebrow Razor Review
Kleancolor Eyebrow Razor

Eyebrow Razor Review
Kleancolor Eyebrow Razor

I Started using this razor on my upper brow but could not properly use it. I was little uncomfortable holding it because of its long handle with the fear that the razor could touch my main brows which I definitely did not want. So with little difficulty I managed to remove some of my hair on my upper brow but that too with lot of problem leaving not so clean feel after.

Kleancolor Wonder Eyebrow Razor Review
Kleancolor Wonder Eyebrow Razor

I tried it over my forehead area and was able to do it quite nicely resulting in a clean forehead getting rid of tiny follicles which are so difficult to tweeze so I liked it using on my forehead but doing it above the eyebrows was little tough, complicated and a bit risky too. The Blade of the razor are neither too blunt neither too sharp but can easily remove your hair if placed in the right direction.

I didn't like it using it around my brows but it was great on the forehead resulting into nice hair free look in just few seconds. So you could try yourself using this on your forehead and may be you could find some trick to use for your threading too.

I think this is an amazing portable hair removal battery free device for girls for forehead and it might work on upper lips as well but I cannot comment on that since I'm quite lucky to have naturally hair free upper lips but overall I think it's a great portable device for girls in case of emergencies. For my eyebrow threading, I will stick to salon and my Colorbar tweezer. I hope you like my review and feel free to share your comments below if you have any questions related to this.


Portable hair removal device.
Cute tiny razors to carry while travel.
Good for emergencies.
Good for clearing the forehead area.
Can be used to clean upper lips as well but not very sure on this.
Very cheap.


Little complicated to use for eyebrow.
Not really satisfied while cleaning eyebrows.
Not available in India.

  1. Love the colors and it looks so handy :) great click

  2. Haven't tried this one, it sure sounds like a quick way to shape your eyebrow. Will have to try it soon

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  3. I tried using this once for eyebrows. It wasn't as easy to handle.


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