Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe

Quick Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe:

Everybody wants their homes and washrooms to smell good and pleasant. For this they buy so many expensive products like air fresheners, scents, electric fragrance releasers, aroma, scent and perfume dispensers and so many other expensive products, some of which work and some don't. More than this, one thing that bothers me is the strong chemicals used in the commercially bought home fragrances which can be hazardous to our so precious health. Sometimes you dont get to know instantly but these can effect your health in long term and in today's date, I actually prefer most of my products to be homemade DIY, whether it's homemade tinted lip balm, homemade whitening body scrub for beauty or a homemade fragrance diffuser for home improvement.

Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe
Homemade Fragrance Diffuser

Today I'm going to share a very simple, quick yet a very effective home freshener recipe. This home freshener requires baking soda - soda bicarbonate as its main ingredient and it's super cheap yet very effective. This recipe contains baking soda because of which this also works as an odor remover along with releasing fresh fragrance. Let's start with the ingredients list to make this homemade DIY freshener.


Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe Ingredients

Small empty glass jar.
Baking Soda - 3 to 4 tbsp.
Essential Oil -  Lemon Grass - 20 drops or any of your choice.
A fork.

Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe

Take the glass jar and open its lid. Now prick few holes into the lid using a screw driver or any other preferred tool. You can prick anywhere or in any particular flowery design or so if you wish to make it look beautiful. I just picked it in a circle to make it look organised. Make sure the holes are deep enough to evaporate the fragrance from jar into the air. I just inserted the tool as below as possible for a nice depth and proper release of fragrance. Take a look at the lid of the jar after pricking as below.

Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe
Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe

Now take a bowl and put about 3-4tbsp to baking soda into it. Add  around 20 drops of your favorite essential oil in the soda . I have used Lemongrass Oil here for a refreshing touch here, you can use Lavender, Amber, Rose or any one of your favorite. After adding oil, just stir the mixture with the fork which not only helps in mixing the oil with the baking soda uniformly but also helps in releasing the soda clumps if any.

Homemade Fragrance Diffuser Recipe
Homemade Scent Fragrance Diffuser Recipe

That's it now just close the lid and let this glass jar sit at a little bit of height in where ever area you wish to release its fragrance. I normally use this type of scent and fragrance diffuser for my washroom because these type of baking soda diffusers are very light, releasing extremely gentle fragrance and may not work too good in big room area. So I use this for my washrooms and other small sized rooms and stores. For other bedrooms, I normally go for my Homemade Reed Diffusers, which not only smell good but also look good adding to the the interior beauty of the room and are perfect for bedrooms and other big rooms.

This was all about this simple homemade baking soda fragrance diffuser recipe. Do try this simple quick, yet very effective recipe and leave your comments below if you have any queries.

Own customized homemade diffuser.
Cheap & inexpensive.
Quick, easy and simple to make.
Very few easily available ingredients required.
Any essential oil of your choice can be used.
Chemical free and not hazardous to health.

Releases very light fragrance.
Won't work for big rooms.
Needs to be changed after 1-2 weeks.

  1. wow..This is really cool Babe! I have not created anything like this ...Lovely DIY :)

  2. Now this looks cool, thanks for sharing :)


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