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Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Review - Shipping to India & Time Taken

Beautyjoint Review &  Shipping Details. is an online shopping website with beauty and makeup products from tons of international brands for sale at a very reasonable rate. They claim the products to be available at wholesale rate and I too find a huge difference in the cost of the products available at their site and others. I always wanted some wonderful international products from the well known brands like ELF, NYX, LA COLORS, LA GIRL, but it was always a pain to get this at a reasonable price in India. I tried few other international makeup and beauty stores like,, Porkdaisy but some how found the BEAUTYJOINT to be cheapest of all in totality. I have even shopped from BUY IN COINS twice and liked the experience very much but the only problems is they don't sell products of well known brands like Elf, Nyx etc. So after trying all sites I finally ordered from this international makeup and beauty website  for the first time two years back and second time this year and here is my detailed review of the same. ( Read the entire updated review till the end ).

Beautyjoint Review
BeautyJoint Online Shopping Haul India

Brands Available at BeautyJoint.

Some of the most common brands available at this site are Elf, Nyx, Kleancolor, Jordana, La Girl, La Colors, Maybelline, Revlon, Milani, Nyc and so many more choose from.

BeautyJoint Review & Shipping Details:

I made my first order from Beautyjoint in 2013 of Rs 2500/- approx. The shipping was around Rs 700/-, the least of all online websites I know and this was the minimum shipping option I chose for at the checkout. There are other expensive options to choose from if you want quick delivery and insurance of your parcel. I was little skeptical about the site, so tried placing the least order I could and also opted for insurance of $ 2.99. On the same day of placing my order, I received the confirmation email of my order and payment successfully done and just after 3 days of placing the order, I got the shipping confirmation mail.

BeautyJoint Review Shipping to India

After placing the order I just relaxed for about 2-3 weeks but right on 21st day after placing the order I got my parcel delivered at my doorstep. I immediately opened the parcel to check the products and all the products were great except Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer which was not as fresh as supposed to be and little less than expected in quantity. I immediately wrote a mail regarding this for which they told me to mail the photos but even after mailing the Beautyjoint team didn't agreed for a refund of the same. Rest all products were in good condition specially the La Girl Pro Concealer which I ordered in 4 different shades and I absolutely loved them. This was the first time I placed the order in 2013. 

Then I placed my second order recently near to the mid of Feb 2015 of Rs 2100/- approx and waited for it to arrive. But even after crossing of 2-3 weeks I didn't receive the parcel and the worst part was this time the tracking details send originally by the in mail was showing invalid tracking number, which made me little doubtful toward the shipping details . I sent so many mails to the cc, to which I was given the same reply that it normally takes 3-6 weeks for international delivery and asked me to wait for some more time and in the end that they said they could not do anything since the parcel was not insured. I was little upset with their cc department because they didn't show any responsibility on their part. I know I didn't opted for insurance but somehow I think the company should be responsible for its customers and can provide at least some sort of compensation to maintain the customer satisfaction. But even after sending long mails, I didn't get any proper reply from them after which I actually left any hope to receive the products since a whole month was passed but almost about a week later, I finally received the courier in packed condition which I immediately opened to checked the products and these were all the products I ordered. 

Beautyjoint Review
BeautyJoint Haul

BeautyJoint Review India
Beauty Joint Review India

This time also the products are all complete and look fresh, though I haven't used them except a few but would be reviewing all in detail. Overall I still think it's one of the best online website to shop makeup beauty stuff specially when we need to purchase international brands since it definitely covers a huge number of products at a reasonable price and a reasonable shipping cost as compared to other international stopping websites. But I definitely think they need to work a little upon their customer care department, a bit at least when it's the case of regular customers and they should definitely give responsible answers and should provide some sort of customer satisfaction to maintain their customers because compensating one or two disappointed customers would not loose them anything rather help them in getting more customers in turn with the word of mouth publicity by the satisfied customers.

Beautyjoint Review
Beautyjoint Haul to India

I would definitely shop from this site in future and would suggest you to try it if you haven't tried but be sure to order few products if you are trying it for the first time and are little doubtful about its shipping time and policy.

UPDATED : I  placed another parcel from in the last year 2015 but unfortunately I haven't receieved it till now (April 2016).  I placed the order around mid of septemeber 2015 and waited till October end easily for the parcel to arrive but when I didn't recieved the parcel even till October end, I mailed the customer care team regarding the same. The customer care team told me to wait for few more days as usual. I waited for few more days and sent them a mail again about the same to which they sent the same reply to wait for some more time. 

This continued for few another weeks, I kept remiding them and they kept telling me to wait. After waiting for about 4 months, I finally asked them for a resolution since I had not received the parcel and there wasn't any hope of receiving it then, to which I received their reply that they are very sorry to hear this but could not do anything since I haven't opted for insurance. I was very disappointed by their reply because a company cannot just igmore the fact that the customer has not recieved the products and services, they paid for. I know I didn't opt for insurance but I do feel there should be some sort of responsibily on the company's part.

Finally they offered me 25% discount coupon on my next order, which is just of no use for me since now I won't be ordering it again from them. I would have appreciated if they had felt the need to satisfy me in some way because as a customer the money I used for ordering products and international shipping got wasted but for a company its a very small amount to compensate specially if its very rare when people don't received their parcels, as they say and nothing is more than a customer satisfaction when it comes to a brand.

Makeup and beauty products website with international brands.
Well known brands available at wholesale rate.
Shipping rates less compared to other international websites.
Parcel gets shipped normally within 3 days after placing the order.
Parcel received in properly packed condition.
Most of the products received are fresh and in good condition.

Customer Support department need to be a little more responsible.
No proper response on complaining about some not so fresh products.
Nothing could be done if  parcel gets lost, as happened in my last order.

  1. Looks like an awesome place to shop from! & they stock ELF...That's wow...will dfinitely be checking this one out :)

  2. Hi, I wanted to know if you were charged by customs ?

  3. I really don't recomend this website. If there are a failure on the order and the package doesn't arrive to the destination, they don't answer you even though you paid for the shipping.

  4. Happened with me. Lost 55$. Customer care has stopped replying.

  5. Were you charged any customs and taxes on your orders? Pls reply

  6. No I wasn't charged but this is somewhere mentioned that customs might me there in international deliveries and we might need to pay this.

  7. i ordered 13 days ago and now i am worried, it was a big order worth 5k and shipping was 14$ insurance option, just DHL option of 50$ by weight, they chngd some pollicies i guess....but i am worried now tht my money may get lost altogether...shit :(

  8. Do not order from this place. They shipped me the wrong item. I called to try and correct it and the only options they gave me were to
    1. Buy the wrong product sent....ummmm no
    2. Pay out of my own pocket to return the wrong item
    3. They would send what I actually ordered in an unsealed envelope with a little bit of tape. I would then have to carefully open the package, place the wrong items back in, seal, and LIE to the US postal service that I rejected the item

    Very sketchy.


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