Uptown Spa & Beauty Salon Toronto

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Uptown Spa & Beauty Salon Toronto

Uptown Spa Toronto

Uptown is a modern spa in North York designed to awaken your beauty with treatments that relax and revitalize. Our mantra is making our clients look and feel gorgeous after each and every visit.
Immerse. Indulge. Imagine. Everything's waiting for you Uptown.

Uptown Spa & Salon Toronto
Uptown Spa & Salon

Uptown Spa - Top 5 Most Innovative Spa Treatments

Similarly to many other industries, spas all over the world prefer to use tried and tested methods for attracting their customers. As we are a global society, no matter where you go, you will be able to enjoy same, or at least similar, types of treatments. This is the safest way to conduct your business, making sure to make the best out of your money with least effort. Today, most of the spas all over the world provide service which is usual for western civilization. For example, with so many types of massages, Swedish massage is service which is available almost everywhere. Nevertheless, although these western treatments are standard and popular, many establishments decided to take a different route and allow their guests to unwind with either local or innovative treatments. This is our list of top 5 innovative spa treatments in the world.

Uptown Spa Toronto
Uptown Spa & Beauty Salon

1.    Ayurvedic Indulgence
Spa treatments always used different herbs in order to achieve maximum health benefit. This particular treatment uses basil, castor and neem. Immerse yourself in a hot tub filled with these ingredients and prepare for great spa experience. Besides the fact that it relives you from stress and tension, it is said that this treatment helps with various diseases probably due to massage which rubs in all healing herbs into your body.

2.    Queen Conch-Shell Scrub
First spas were actually water springs which meant to heal your body. Not much has changed in last two millennia because up to this day, most spas use water and water products for healing. In that regard, spas which are positioned on the ocean have clear advantage. Queen Conch-Shell Scrub treatment uses grounded shells which are then mixed with oil. This mixture is used as exfoliant during the treatment.

3.    Maple Sugar Body Scrub
It comes as no surprise that a Canadian invented this treatment. Through scientific research, it is discovered that maple tree possess bio-maple compound. This specific mix of minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols has amazing impact on our body and skin. Since the discovery of bio-maple, this ingredient is being used all over North American continent. You can use it either to exfoliate or to moisturize your skin.

4.    Soothing Sunburn Relief
Have you ever gone to a vacation only to discover that you have sunburns all over the body from day one? As of late, many spas situated in coastal cities and resorts started implementing this treatment in order to help their guests relieve the pain. First, you are covered with banana leaves and aloe. After some time, balsam based on lavender and cypress is applied on your skin, providing a quick assistance and removing the heat from your body.

Uptown Spa and Salon Toronto
Uptown Spa & Beauty Salon

5.    Just Let Go
While most treatments are specific in their own way, this one uses mix of different,common rituals and procedures in order to relax your body. Treatment starts in lava-rock cave where you dip into a pool and relax on your back. Afterwards, your therapist takes charge of your body, performing various stretches and aligning your bones.
 If you are eager to spoil yourself a bit after and to some innovative spa services, you can always go visit Toronto’s Uptown Spa & Beauty Salon.

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