Soul Tree Kajal Grey Glow Kohl Review

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Soul Tree Kajal Grey Glow Kohl Review

SoulTree Ayurvedic Kajal Grey Glow Kohl

If you remember I mentioned about this new ayurvedic brand SOULTREE in my March Fab Bag post. Since then I was thinking of using it but somehow slipped it and finally started to use this in April. The first thing that excited me about this Soul Tree Kajal was that it's available in so many dazzling shades. You simply speak the color be it black, grey, green, pink, blue, copper, purple and you get it in this one. On top of that when I saw its an ayurvedic brand with some wonder ingredients in it, I simply could not resist the idea of buying it in all colors because it was like icing on cake because kohl in so many pretty shades is hardly seen in any Indian brand, including the list of best kajals in India, definitely not ayurvedic so this was surely something new and exciting. But before buying other colors, I thought of trying this in Grey Glow shade, one which I already have just to get an idea of its quality and texture. So here goes my review on this Soul Tree Kajal in Grey Glow.

Soultree Kajal Review
Soul Tree Kajal Review

What Soul Tree Kajal Claims?

Description: Hand made carbon black collected from vegetable oil lamps combines with organic ghee (clarified butter) natural mineral colours and organic sweet almond oil to make this kohl safe and give it a colour that will highlight your eyes and keep them cool.
Contains No Paraben or Lead
With Organic Ghee
Natural Mineral Colour
100% Natural
Not Animal Tested

PRICE - Rs 350/- for 3g.

BENEFITS :  Made from camphor and organic ghee the kajal has a soothing softness that keep sthe eyes cool & clean. The natural pigments enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

SoulTree Kajal Review
Soul Tree Kajal Review

Before Use : Though all our products are made naturally, using the best & purest of the ingredients it is recommended that you read through the label to make sure you are not allergic to any individual component of the Ingredients mentioned.
USAGE - Before applying the Kajal, wash your face and eyes properly to ensure it is clean and that there are no dirt particles on your face and around your eyes. Gently pull down the lower eyelid so that the inner lid line or waterline is exposed and start lining from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer end. For the upper eyelid, close the eye and line the upper lid smoothly, starting from the inner corner up to the outer corner of the eye. To remove the kajal, dab some of the SoulTree Cleanser on some cotton wool & gently wipe your eyes. Make sure it does not get inside the eye.

INGREDIENTS : Isoamyl Laurate, Ricinus Communis(Castor)*oil, Sorbitan Olivate, Candelila cera, Copernicia cerifera cera, Clarified butter (Ghee)*, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, Garcinia Indica (Kokum) butter, Prunus dulcis (sweet almond)* oil, Mel (Honey)*, Tocopherol (Natural Vit. E), Camphor, Linalool**, May contain + or – Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499, Cl 77019, Cl 77891, Cl 77268:1, Cl 77288, Cl 77007 *From Certified Organic Farms **From Natural Essential Oils.

Shades Available : Rich Loam, Mood Indigo, True Blue, Grey Glow, Moss Velvet, Fern Green, Purple Haze, Copper Tint, 24 Carat, Pure Black, Robusta Brown, Nectarine Glow.

SoulTree Kajal Review

Firstly before going further I want to inform that my review is based on just 2 applications of this kajal. Well not even full 2 application, first one when I tried it the very first time on my hand and second time when I tried it on my eyes. What after that? Oh it broke. Yes that's true. The kajal did not broke but the it comes in a twist form, the base of which broke and I am no more able to twist it to glide up. Take a look at the picture below to know the way how it sits down and simply cannot glide up any further. I don't want to disappoint you here since I have praised this kajal quite a bit above and now this packaging issue would make you think whether to go for this kajal or not. I know many other people have tried and have been using it quite smoothly so it's not in every case but yes I have heard few, though very rare people including me whose kajal got broke with 1-2 usage. So I have told you all about the packaging issue, so you can surely decide whether to go for it or not because it's a slightly expensive kajal, even if compared to international brands like Maybelline Kajal, Revlon, Lakme Eyeconic Kajal etc. 

Soul Tree Kohl Review
On application, this Soul Tree Grey Glow kajal glides beautifully without tugging your skin. Though I think the pigmentation is not so good in one swipe at least when it comes to eyelashes. It requires at least 2-3 swipes to show a nice glossy rich grey color. The sparkle in the kajal is great. I tried to swipe it twice on my eyes and then spreading it all over to give a smokey eye look and this trick worked beautifully giving a smokey eye look. 

Soul Tree Kajal Grey Glow Swatches
Soul Tree Kajal Grey Glow Review

All this I did in just one application, after that I tried a lot to twist the kajal up but it didn't work. So it's quite sad to throw a new kajal with a pointed tip, but I'm definitely not going to throw it rather use it to make some DIY Eye Makeup for a smokey look.

Soul Tree Kajal Grey Glow Review
Soul Tree Kajal Swatches
Soultree Kajal Grey Glow Review & Swatches
Soultree Kajal Swatches
Regarding its staying power I would say it does not stay for too long but fades away in few hours may be because it's ayurvedic and chemical free. Regarding its pigmentation factor, it's quite good but one has to swipe multiple times to get the desired rich look. I haven't tried other colors like black, blue pink but they have been raved to have a great pigmented shade. So if I will be buying this, then it would be in different shade which too I'm not sure of. If a all I would love to try it in Ferm Green, Nectarine Glow, Pure Black and True Blue shades. This was all about this soul tree kajal grey glow and my experience with this. Do leave your comments below if you have used this kajal and what do you feel about it.

Ayurvedic kajal great for eyes.
Dazzling shades available in ayurvedic brand as a surprise.
Descent pigmentation.
Creamy smooth texture.
Glides smoothly without tugging.
Ayurvedic, so safe even for sensitive eyes.
Does not sting on my sensitive eyes.

Broken after 2 uses.
Makes eyes watery after sometime if used on lower lash.
Fades off after few hours.
Quite expensive.
Not so easily available.

  1. I agree with you totally! It's too expensive & makes my eyes water...LOvely Review Sweets! :)

  2. Absolutely right... it is not worth.... Instead we can prepare homemade kajal. Organic doesn't mean it should be priced very high. If it's fades off within an hour. . Why should we pay so much. .
    Watery eyes means I am crying as I have purchased this product.

  3. Absolutely right... it is not worth.... Instead we can prepare homemade kajal. Organic doesn't mean it should be priced very high. If it's fades off within an hour. . Why should we pay so much. .
    Watery eyes means I am crying as I have purchased this product.


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