Sandalwood Handmade Soap India Review

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sandalwood Handmade Soap India Review

Handmade Soap by Cottage Industries India

SOAP is one of the most basic, essential and readily available skin care products in Indian households. No matter how much elderly people avoid using makeup & beauty products but a soap is something they just can't live without and what's more if these are purely handmade at homes. Yes I'm taking about these Cottage Industries Handmade Soaps, a home product available in different variants. I got few of these on my visit to south. There are plenty of variants available and one can choose as per the skin type and ingredient mentioned on the soap, otherwise you don't have the look of the soap in any way or even its picture because of non printed brown cane packaging. The one I'm going to review here is Sandal Handmade Soap.

Handmade Soap Review
Handmade Soap Review
Sandal Handmade Soap Details:
Made from pure pure coconut oil. Best use before 24 months from the Mfg. date.

Price - Rs 60 for 90 g.

Sandal Handmade Soap Review

This soap comes in a beautiful round shaped cane box for Indian rural touch symbolizing a home made product, that's what I could make out. I had a tough time while opening the knot of this, for which I had to use scissors ultimately. Once you open the box, you can a view of this beautiful peach colored round soap in a transparent wrap.
Handmade soap India
Handmade Soap Review

Texture & Feel:
Since this soap is purely hand made, it's pretty sure that the texture of this is definitely not smooth the like regular commercials soaps. Rather I found it to be quite rough and uneven, but I'm totally fine with it because if I'm looking for something homemade totally then I should accept the home touch. The fragrance of this is purely ayurvedic with a sandalwood touch. I don't like the smell since it's not refreshing like normal deo soap or the citrus ones. I may not be too happy with the texture, feel and fragrance of this soap has but these things actually prove that it's a purely handmade ayurvedic soap at home without any artificial fragrance and this actually makes me happy since this is what I'm looking for at the end of the day.

Sandalwood Handmade Soap
Sandalwood Handmade Soap

Application & Results:
On application, this soap lathers very well giving you nice clean skin with a gentle smell. I felt my skin to be little drying if I rubbed it more to lather well. So I used it just enough for a good bath. On application,rinsing and after effect I found the results to be average without any huge or major difference in skin condition on use of this body cleanser.

Overall I think this is an average handmade sandal soap. Though this soap has nothing special in it except the packaging, but still it would be liked by people who love to use pure organic skin care products. No artificial fragrance and uneven natural texture quite prove it's purity to some extent. I too love natural organic products and would be trying this in some other variant for a better fragrance.

Cute beautiful packaging.
Purely handmade soap.
Natural home made product.
Available in many variants to choose from.
Lathers well.

Fragrance might not be liked by most people.
No idea of soap color, texture from the packaging.
Not available easily.
Not attractive and smooth like commercial cleansers.

  1. I am currently using an aloe vera one, and I can't stand the scent. But, it's pretty mild... may be it's the variant. No clue.

  2. Where can I buy this soap online? I am from the Netherlands.


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