Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

HAIR SERUM & HAIR LOTION have become one of the necessity now specially when one has to deal with dry frizzy hair. My hair are somewhat dry prone to split ends and tangles, for which I use my all time favorite hair detangler. Along with that I have also made my own homemade leave in conditioner for dry hair to restore moisture and keep hair tangle free. I'm quite a fan of Berina products since I got my straightening done using its hair straightening cream resulting into beautifully straight hair. I am quite satisfied with most of Berina Hair Products, whether it's heat protector or a straightening cream, so thought of trying this super silky hair serum.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Details:
Now you can add ‘celeb-like’ silkiness and shine to your hair. With Berina Super Silky Hair Serum. It contains jojoba oil which deeply nourishes hair and helps in controlling frizz. What’s more, it also works wonders in preventing split ends. Get this serum today and bid your ‘farewell’ to frizz forever.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

PRICE - Rs 280/- for 100 ml.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review
Berina Hair Serum comes in a very beautiful pink colored bottle. Though the bottle is transparent but gives a look of pink color. The bottle comes with a dispenser like most of the hair serum bottles and releases just the right amount of serum for a single usage. The consistency of this serum is somewhat liquid and lighter than other regular ones and does not feel heavy or flatten hair if used at top. Take a look at the consistency in the picture below.

Berina Hair Serum Review

This super silk serum is light with a mix of strawberry fragrance with jojoba so not so pleasant as expected out of regular hair serums since they act like leave in conditioner, so definitely expected to have great refreshing fragrance which lingers for long but in this case I am not so pleased with the fragrance.

Now coming to application, this feels light and little more amount is required to clear off the tangles into smooth silky feel. Though the results would not be so good if you have extremely frizzy dry hair. I could not get off my tangles when I used this in winters on my super dry unmanageable hair. In summers when I needed a light detangler, this worked beautifully with light and non greasy texture. Regarding shine, this certainly makes your hair look shiny specially in the light.

Overall I think this is is an average hair serum to give you shine, softness and keeping then tangle free. If you have extra frizzy stubborn hair, then this serum is not for you, but if you are looking for a light hair serum for summers, then you should definitely give this a try.


Light non greasy serum.
Comes beautiful attractive packaging.
Easy to use convenient travel friendly bottle. Contains jojoba oil for softness.

Fragrance is not so good.
Not so easily available.
Contains Dimethicone.
Not for extra frizzy dry hair.
Does not work om split ends as claimed.
  1. Looks okaysih! I guess it's better to skip it...Lovely Review Babe :)

  2. Does not sound to be a good product, will skip..nice review hun :)


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