VLCC Fade Tan Removal Skin Polishing Scrub Review

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Monday, February 23, 2015

VLCC Fade Tan Removal Skin Polishing Scrub Review

'VLCC Fade Tan Removal Scrub Review'

VLCC Skin Polishing Scrub have been already raved by so many people, but I never tried it until recently when I started developing tanned skin. Its always said exfoliation is the best thing to deal with tanned skin. For this I normally prefer my own Homemade Sugar Scrub or some gentle daily scrub which is not really harsh on skin and can be used safely on any skin type including both sensitive and acne prone skin. Normally there are huge claims from the manufacturers specially in case of giving fair skin whitening, tan removal and much more which never meet the expectation and for this reason I always avoid using products which such claims. But this scrub was praised by so many and is so affordable, I definitely wanted to give this a try on my tanned skin and after using this for few days, here is my review and experience from this VLCC Fade Removal Skin Polishing Scrub.
Vlcc Skin Polishing Scrub Review
VLCC Scrub Review

VLCC Fade Tan Removal Skin Polishing Scrub Details:
• A unique Scrub with deep cleansing and purifying action, rejuvenates skin, post sun exposure
• Orange Peel Oil effectively washes away sun-tan while the unique scrubbing granules exfoliate dead skin cells and superficial white and black-heads
Direaction & Ingredients : With Orange peel oil

Vlcc Skin Polishing Scrub Ingredients
VLCC Scrub Review

Benefits : Exfoliates skin and fades tan

VLCC Tan Removal Scrub Review

This tan removal scrub comes in a very bright colored yellow orange tube with a flip cap. The tube is light weight and travel friendly without the fear of product leakage. 

Vlcc skin Polishing Scrub
VLCC Scrub Review
This VLCC Tan Removal Scrub looks like a transparent gel with orange tint. There are tiny orange colored granules for exfoliation along with yellow colored millicapsules. The orange granules helps in scrubbing but the millicapsules don't even crush while application so I don't know what's the use of them in the gel. I would not call this a proper scrub because it appears more like a gel based face wash.

Application &  Effect:
On application, the scrub lathers well, in fact a little more than required. The scrubbing action of this is quite nice but one has to be really gentle while using this since over rubbing could leave your skin red specially if you have sensitive skin since it's little harsh and meant for proper exfoliation through dead skin removal. I normally take a drop of this scrub & rub it very gently in circular motion focusing a little more on nose sides since being little harsh on the sides definitely works on nose blackheads & whiteheads. I quite like the cleansing part of this. I get a squeaky clean skin with less blackheads. The skin looks instantly bright with a subtle glow. One can easily feel the difference once you use this scrub on a dull tired skin resulting into fresh revived bright skin. I can say that this VLCC Skin Polishing Scrub gives your skin a polishing effect like it's name.

This was all good about this scrub, now let me tell you what I didn't like about it. First the scrub is little harsh and can't be used daily. Along with this it's very drying. I felt my skin to be stretchy after use so a proper moisturizer is a must. Considering these things I don't think sensitive skin people would like it. Moreover it contains lemon & orange extracts which reacts easily on delicate skin. Now coming to its effectiveness in tan removal. I think this is quite a good scrub for recently developed tan, like if you have been out in sun today, yesterday and then you clean your face with this, it will definite help you in removing that temporary developed tan but I didn't feel any difference in my old stubborn tanned skin on using this. Also this does not work so good on your body but that's expected since this is a face scrub not a body scrub.

Overall I think it's a quite a good scrub for instant glow & brightness on your face. One should keep few things in mind while using this scrub, like being gentle, soft, using proper moisturizer after this and avoid using it too frequently. If you keep these things in mind, then you would surely love this tan removal scrub.

Instantly brightens face adding glow.
Skin looks clear and very clean after use.
Effectively removes temporary recently developed tan.
Nice citrus refreshing fragrance.
Easy travel friendly packaging.
Very cheap.

Little harsh on skin.
Not for delicate sensitive skin.
Does not removed old stubborn tan.
Leaves skin dry & stretchy. 
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  1. Seems to be okayish...I guess I will give this a skip as I stay away from harsh scrubs and I have sensitive skin...Lovely Review :)


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