L'oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream Review

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Friday, February 6, 2015

L'oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream Review

L'oreal Anti Imperfections + Whitening Cream for Age 20+.

L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Creams have been recently launched for all ages, commonly focusing on the skin whitening along with the other age specific issues. L'oreal Skin Perfect Range contains 3 different creams for different age - 20+, 30+ & 40+. The 20+ cream is specially to deal with oiliness along with the scars and Imperfections in the twenties.  The 30+ whitening cream is specially formulated to fight with fine lines which starts to appear in the thirties and finally there is 40+ anti aging and skin whitening cream to reduce wrinkle and increase glow on skin. In this post I would be reviewing the L'oreal Paris 20+ Skin Cream, which I have been using since about 2 weeks . Along with the cream, the range along includes Skin Perfect Pimple Reduction + Whitening Facial Foam for Age 20+.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Age 20+ Range
Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 20 + Range.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Age 20+ Range
Age 20+ Skin Perfect Range comprises of a day cream along with whitening facial foam. Combined with Perlite and Salicylic Acid it helps keep oiliness, pimples and blemishes at bay through your twenties while giving you that perfect clear skin glow. The 18g Cream is priced at Rs 99, 50 g Cream is priced at Rs 325 and the Cleanser is priced at Rs 105.

L'oreal Anti Imperfections + Whitening Cream for Age 20+ Details:

Flawless Look.
Glow & Fairness.

From the age of 20, stress, pollution and other daily aggressions may lead to imperfections on your face such as oiliness, pimples, marks and skin becomes dull.
The Loreal Expertise:  Selected powerful actives and specifically designed this cream to act on skin texture and tone of Indian Women from 20 years old.
Anti Imperfection Action : Enriched with Purifyll, a powerful active this formula helps reduce imperfections such as spots, hides blemishes, marks and controls oil for a shine free look.
Advanced Whitening : Vitamin 3X complex combines 3 vitamins, Vitmain B3 & C known to act on melanin responsible for dullness and dark spots and Vitamin E known for its anti oxidant properties.
UV Filters : Known to protect skin from sun rays which cause darkening.


Instantly glowing and shine free skin.
All day clean and fresh skin.
Day after day imperfections are reduced.
Skin is fairer and toned with improved quality.
Dermatologically tested and Non Comedogenic.

PRICE - Rs 325/- for 50 g.
(starting at Rs 99/- onwards)

Loreal Anti Imperfections Cream for 20+ Ingredients
Loreal Anti Imperfection 20+ Cream Ingredients


I normally don't prefer skin whitening creams because of the chemicals in them which react on my sensitive skin. But since these were from a very reliable brand, I had to give these a try.

PACKAGING:This anti imperfections whitening skin cream comes in simple glass round jar which looks quite good to look at. The only problem with glass jars is that they can't be carried while travel being little heavy and prone to breakage. I really don't have any problem with these when at home since glass is more hygienic and more skin friendly than plastic. I normally prefer packaging in tube dispenser for easy to use and travel friendly but didn't have any issues with this cute jar look.

Loreal Skin Perfect Crem 20+ Review
Loreal Skin Perfect Cream Age 20+

The texture of this cream is very light and not at all heavy. While looking it in the jar you might feel, the cream to be heavy but it's actually very light. In fact on application it's so light that I need a heavy layer of moisturizer before applying it.  Heavy here does not signify thick greasy layer of moisture but nice amount of moisture from whichever moisturizer which suits your skin, whether it's oil free or creamy.
Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream 20 + Review
Texture & Application.

I normally use my oil free moisturizer in summers and the morning nectar in winters for a little creamy finish. Not exactly creamy but smooth since winter definitely makes skin dry and rough. So I used this above a thick layer of moisture on my dry skin and could feel it a little more dry. Next day, applied my virgin coconut oil to combat the dryness and then applied this L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect for Age 20+ and guess what the result was too good. My skin looked really nice and glowing. Yes this cream definitely imparts some whiteness and glow to skin instantly making it look a little bright.  This combination of moisturizer with cream gave a perfect skin look.

So this totally makes it clear that this skin cream is definitely not for super dry skin since it contains salicylic acid which is known to fight acne along with causing dryness to skin. Dry skin beauties could try managing it with the help of some nice moisturizer. But yes this skin would be great for oily acne prone skin types. Those trying to deal with acne and oiliness in their twenties would totally love this cream. And since youths in the age of 20 are normally traveling due to which they normally develop tan and imperfections, this added spf and whitening agents would be a sure advantage.

So people in the age of 20+, with oily acne prone skin, need to stop worrying now since L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections + Whitening Skin Cream has come out as a true solution.

Very light textured cream,  perfect for oily skin.
Contains salicylic acid to fight with acne & pimples.
Imparts instant glow to face.
Skin looks fresh & glowing without any shine for initial few hours of application.
Sun protection with SPF &  UV Filters.
Dermatologically tested and Non Comedogenic.
Comes at an affordable price.

Packaging not too impressive.
I didn't like it's fragrance.
No signs of fairness in 2 weeks usage.

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