NIVEA Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review

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Friday, January 16, 2015

NIVEA Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review

Nivea Body Wash Review Frangipani & Oil

Nivea Shower Gel & Body Wash comes in many variants and is commonly available at almost all shopping stores. I haven't used Nivea Body Wash before and this is the first time I am using this but have used many other & my favorite among them is Palmolive Thermal Spa Shower Gel. I always prefer using shower gel than soap because its so refreshing, available in so many variants and is less dying than body soap and cleansers. After using a lot of these, I thought of trying one from Nivea since its a trusted brand and I love its deodorants and roll ons specially the Nivea Whitening Deodorant is too good. Much impressed by its bath and body range, I could not miss to try this body cleanser with Frangipani. After using it for about few weeks, here is my detailed review on it.

Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review
Nivea Shower Gel Review

Escape your everyday! Discover an exotic shower sensation with this hydrating shower gel that combines the enchanting tropical scent of Hawaiian Frangipani flower and moisturizing sunflower oil pearls.

Blends the tropical scent of Hawaiian Frangipani flower with moisturizing pearls made with sunflower oil. This skin indulging formula creates a refreshing and enchanting shower experience.
How it works?
Developed with NIVEA’s breakthrough Hydra IQ Technology to provide your skin with intense long-lasting moisturization throughout the day even beyond the shower. For a film-free skin feel and smooth, touchably beautiful skin!
How to Apply : Pour shower gel onto wet hands, wash cloth or pouf. Massage over body. Rinse off.


Nivea Body Wash Price & Ingredients
Nivea Shower Gel Ingredients
RICE: Rs 185/- for 250 ml.


PACKAGING: This Frangipani body wash from Nivea comes in a beautiful looking transparent bottle with a flip cap. The bottle is quite sturdy and appears blue because of the light blue colored shower gel inside. The gel is light blue in color and is of medium consistency, little thick and contains tiny yellow colored beads spread throughout.

Nivea Frangipani Body Wash
Nivea Shower Gel Review

Nivea Body Wash Review
Nivea Shower Gel Review

On application, this body cleanser lathers well. On first use, I felt it lathered little less than expected but second time when I used it with a loofah it lathered nicely requiring just a tiny drop to generate enough lather. The fragrance of this shower gel is too good. Yes, I bought this blue bottle variant because it appeared so refreshing to look at and just by looking at the color, I thought its going to have an amazing fragrance and just grabbed it immediately. As expected, I felt completely overwhelmed by its fragrance and just could not stop smelling it, it was that good and not too overpowering. The fragrance of this cleanser is something everyone would love and keep buying it again because of this unavoidable sensuous effect.

I think I have stretched quite a lot on its fragrance, now let me tell you about its feel and effect overall. On application, the gel is very smooth. Though I expected this to behave somewhat like an exfoliating body wash because of the presence of yellow beads in it but the beads were so gentle, I just didn't feel these while bathing. Anyways although it did not exfoliate dull dry skin but leaves skin nicely clean and refreshed without any residue left behind. I felt no dryness, irritation or stretching of skin even without using any moisturizer.  I think this makes it one of the best refreshing non drying body washes specially for summers.

Overall I thing this Nivea Frangipani & Oil Body Wash is a great body cleanser with amazing looks and packaging. Few things which I don't really like about it is that it contains parabens, no long lasting fragrance and do not exfoliate dead skin as expected because of the presence of yellow beads.

Packaging itself looks appealing and refreshing.
Refreshing sensuous fragrance.
Leaves skin clean and refreshed.
Lathers well when used with loofah.
Doors not dry skin.
Available in many variants.
Easily available online and offline.
Affordable and long lasting.

Does not exfoliate dead skin as expected.
No long lasting fragrance.
Contains parables.

  1. Instead of using soap, people were refer shower gel. Shower gel is mainly used by those people that are suffering from any skin infection.

  2. Evie Dawson you are right. I use Nivea Total Impact as I am suffering from dry skin.


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