CLAIRE'S Lip Gloss Review - Automatic Lip Gloss Palette.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

CLAIRE'S Lip Gloss Review - Automatic Lip Gloss Palette.

CLAIRE'S LIP GLOSS was gifted to me long before by one of my cousins on her trip to US. Firstly let me clear its not MISS CLAIRE LIP GLOSS but only Claire Lip Gloss in a beautiful palatte. My makeup is not complete without a lip gloss, its something must in my makeup kit, whether at home or while traveling. Claire is quite famous for its makeup products specially for their lip glosses with such attractive funky packaging. Most of its products have beautiful vibrant colored packaging giving the products a very girlish look. The best thing about this Claire Gloss Palette is also it unique packaging. Read on more to find out what's so unique in this.

Claire's Lip Gloss Review
Claire's Lip Gloss Review

Claire's Lip Gloss Ingredients
Claire's Lip Gloss Ingredients

AVAILABILITY :  Its available online at few shopping sites like Amazon with International Shipping.


As mentioned, these glosses come in a very different packaging. The gloss comes in a automatic one touch open silver palette. Yes you just need to press the tiny silver button at the bottom very gentle and then just see the magic. The box will unfold itself automatically using gentle movements making it very appealing to eyes. Well this is quite difficult to express in words and can truly see the magic of seen with own.eyes. Since this palette was a gift, I don't know about its price.

Claire's Lip GLoss Palette
Claire's Lip Gloss Palette Review

Now let me tell you about the shades in this. There are about 6 transparent looking shades with a added touch of beautiful colors like purple, fluorescent, pink, red, yellow. All these shades are very light and look transparent on seeing, not pigmented at all. Even on application they give a very light pigment to lips with a nice shine. Well I think pigment is the wrong word to be used here. They just give your lips a nice glossy shine with a tint of color. The colors are only to make the LIP GLOSS look attractive, otherwise these all look like transparent gels in different tints.

The texture of these gel is slightly sticky and that's what make them stay for long adding shine to lips for long. I normally use these lip  glosses on top of any pigmented lipstick and then add a layer of these sticky gel to enhance the shine and gloss of my LIP Shade. This way it works beautifully. My lips looks beautiful with the pigmented shade layered with extra shine.

CLAIRE's LIP GLOSS PALETTE is a great way to make your lips look more shiny and glossy. If used above lipsticks, they make them stay long and also enhance their look adding shine to it. I would like to buy these again and also try its other LIP BALM and LIP GLOSS VARIANTS. But since its availability in India, is sort of an issue, I don't think I would be able took get these easily. Though it's available at its official site, Amazon but then international shipping is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. If you have an access to these, do try and let me know how you find these.
Beautiful unique packaging.
Single touch automatic open box.
Comes in beautiful transparent colored gels.
Sticky texture if geeks makes them stay long.
Adds shine and gloss to lips.
Applying gels above lipstick makes them stay longer along with enhancing the pigment.

Shades not at all pigmented.
Not for those looking for pigmented lip gloss.
Difficult to get in India.

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