BERINA Hair Coat Sunscreen Heat Protector Review

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Monday, January 12, 2015

BERINA Hair Coat Sunscreen Heat Protector Review

Bering Heat Protector & Sunscreen for Hair Protection from Sun Damage.

BERINA is a very popular brand when it comes to hair care products. It offers salon spa professional hair care products. I have used Berina Hair Straightening Cream, heat protector, Berina Hair Spray and also got my hair straightening done with the use of its straightening cream. The experience was definitely good and promising which made me try its different hair care products including this Berina hair coat sunscreen. This heat protector comes in a nice sturdy glass bottle with a dispenser for easy use. Read  the review below to know more about this hair protector.

Berina Heat Protector Review
Berina Hair Coat Sunscreen Review

Berina, probably among world’s top 5 brands in professional categories with wide range of products for hair care and fashion with 60 years of Global experience has developed with unique formulations a new Berina Hair Coat is having Silicone Gum and Cyclomethicone based serum with Sunscreen Protection which provides the protection from harmful sun rays, dust and pollution. The unique formula provides powerful outcomes which helps hair to become healthy, silky and shiny, it also prevents and protects your hair dryness after any chemical treatment, it keeps hair tangle free.

After Shampoo rinse just take 4-5 drops of Berina Hair Coat and apply throughout the length of hair before step out from home to keep your hair pollution free.

PRICE - Rs 224/- for 85 ml.


This heat protector comes in a sturdy thick glass bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it quite hygienic and user friendly. Though this kind of dispenser packaging is quite common these days specially in haircare products. My Matrix Hair Care Serum also comes with a dispenser in a plastic bottle and works wonderfully in detangling tangled hair.

Berina Hair Coat Sunscreen Review
Berina Hair Coat Sunscreen Review

The hair care heat protector serum its quite thick and greasy. Frankly speaking, when I first took a drop of this in my hands, , I felt its very thick and sticky like castor oil and would make my hair all flat. I took a tiny drop of this and massaged it all over hair towards the end  to detangle ends and layered all over hair gently from top. I even applied a bit of this on the front side and that's it. As expected my hair started looking flat and greasy from front making my fine hair appear more fine and less volumized. I could not give full justice to any hair style because of the flat hair from top, so the 1st time experience with this heat protector sunscreen was definitely not too good. However I realized my mistake in using a little more on the front area, so next time I tried to avoid putting on front at all, tiniest droplet nicely spread all over if at all any.

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This time I took almost the same amount of this Berina heat protector, but used very little at the front and top mainly focusing on the ends and specially sides. Guess what! I got really nice manageable hair from bottom and fluffy volumized hair as desired from front.

Though I liked this hair serum in this way that it made my hair more manageable with a little shine added to them, I wasn't much impressed by this since it didn't really did much as a sunscreen. My hair had been damaged quite a lot in Sun, so I was definitely expecting some improvement in my hair quality on use of this HAIR SUNSCREEN, but unfortunately , I did not really feel any change in my hair quality and texture.

Overall, I think Berina Heat Protector  Sunscreen is just an average hair lotion which makes hair more manageable and a bit shiny but does not work as a sunscreen. Also its too thick to use it daily as a hair coat.

Nice packaging with dispenser.
Travel friendly and easy to use.
Makes hair manageable.
Adds shine to hair.
Control flyaways.
Goes for long time.

Quite thick, sticky.
A bit greasy if used more.
Might make hair weigh down & appear greasy.
Not available easily.

  1. It seems to be a very average one....better to skip it...Lovely review babe :)

  2. Sunscreen for hair sounds really different.........


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