Vega Professional Mehndi Dye Brush Review

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vega Professional Mehndi Dye Brush Review

Hair Dye and Mehndi Brush from VEGA with Premium Bristles.

I am a person who believes very much in doing things by myself. But I know not all things are in our hand. Specially being girls, we need get really professional and near to perfect when it comes to things like waxing, hair cutting etc. Though I am not yet ready to try my hands on cutting but have started waxing at home using these Hip Hop Wax Strips. This time I thought of applying mehndi to my hair all by myself at home. I normally get my hair mehndi done at my usual saloon and they do it so wonderfully and neatly, which I just can't think of. But doing all this at your convenience was something I was looking for and for this I bought this Vega Mehndi Dye Brush. I bought this hair mehndi brush from Vega because of one of the biggest reasons that it was easily available at almost every shop I went to and also at various online sites. Along with this, we keep using so many beauty hair brushes from Vega since its one of the mrga brand in India when it comes to brushes and that too at a very affordable price. I have used of its brushes like Vega Folding Hair Brush and few other beauty brushes. So without giving a second though, I just bought this long broad Vega Professional Mehndi Dye Brush. Check my review below to find more about this Vega Mehndi Hair Brush.

Vega Mehndi Dye Brush Review

What this Vega Mehndi Dye Brush Claims?
Vega Mehndi / Dye brushes are made from premium bristles which help to caresses your hair evenly. Ideal for salon and home use.

Why Brush?
Use if yourself.
No help required.
Non messy
Long handles keep your hands clean.
Clean and hygienic.
No more scrubbing of hands after use.
Caresses your hair evenly.
No more mehndi mounds & no more wastage.

Directions for Use:
Mix mehndi/dye with brush.
Use firm strokes to apply on small sections of the hair & comb through..

Brush Care-Post application, wash brush in luke warm soapy water. Dry naurally,

Price - Rs 40/- only.

Vega Professional Mehndi Dye Brush Review

This Vega comes in simple yet good brush packaging which required little effort from me to open, since it was not so cheap. On opening, we find a nice sturdy long broad white brush which looks quite dense and broad. The bristles of this appeared to be of good quality with a shiny touch to them. Take a look below.

Vega Mehndi Hair Dye Brush
Vega Professional Hair brush

Now coming to the the use of this Vega Mehndi Brush. The brush is good enough for mixing Hair Dyes, Mehndis and almost any kind of homemade hair pack. The brush also picks up generous quantity of the mehndi, that sometimes I had to drop little back to avoid falling of it. Then without dropping in between, the brush applies hair pack beautifully to hair. I being the person who was applying mehndi by own for the first time, did not face too much of a problem. Few problems I faced only because I had no experience of doing this by own and so had little problem in picking up the hair and than setting down the hair with mehndi. Even in this case I think the brush pointed end helped me somewhat in sectioning of the hair and then picking the hair somewhat working like a tail comb, which is used in parlors, for the application of the mehandi and hair dyes.

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So overall I find this Vega Professional Mehndi Dye Brush great for application all kind of hair packs. Even a non experience beginner can use this brush easily without much mess since its really easy to use because of its dense and nice quality bristles. The brush gets washed of very easily. I just left in my mehndi bowl for few minutes and then washed under the running water. This way it didn't had any shedding and the brush got nicely cleaned. So if you are a person who likes applying mehndi and other hair packs by yourself, do try this Vega hair brush. I am sure you wont te disappointed.

Vega Hair Brush Pros
Nice Quality brush from Vega.
Dense bristles.
Easy pick up and application of all hair packs.
Comes at a very cheap price.
Gets washed easily.
No shedding of bristles.
Easily available online offline both.

Vega Hair Brush Cons
I just could not think of any. 

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  1. I have not tried this but I have tried the other Vega Brushes nd I quite liked them..Lovely Review dear :)


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