Vedic Line+ Meladyne De Pigmentation Cream Review

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Vedic Line+ Meladyne De Pigmentation Cream Review

VEDIC LINE Meladyne De Pigmentation Cream Review
Vedic Line De Pigmentation Cream is specially for all those people who suffer from this severe PIGMENTATION problem. By God's grace I don't have too much pigmentation on my face but my mom really has severe pigmentation. The main reason for this is that she moves out a lot in sun, without taking care of her skin. She don't remain in sun for too long, but whenever she does she hardly use a SUNSCREEN. This is the reason she suffers with this PIGMENTATION, SUNBURN a little more. Few months before, I got to see this new range of VEDIC LINE PRODUCTS, in which I saw this Vedic Line Depigmentation Cream which huge claims. Without giving a second thought, I immediately bought this depigmentation cream and here is the review on it.

What Vedic Line+ Meladyne De Depigmentation Cream Claims?
If pigmentation marks is your major skin issue, Vedic Line comes with Pigmentation Cream. For all those men and women longing for an even skin tone, this Vedic Line Cream could be your apt choice. The Vedic Line Meladyne - De Pigmentation Cream is enriched with active ingredients to fade the pigmentation on your skin. Also, you can get that clear and bright skin with this Pigmentation Cream. Besides reducing the spots on your skin, this Vedic Line Cream will reduce melanin as well. After your beach party, you can apply this cream and ensure your tanned skin to look better. Additionally, this De Pigmentation Cream will nourish your skin and improve the elasticity. You could now get flawless soft skin with this Meladyne Cream and ensure it to be hydrated.
Directions for Use
Take an adequate amount of this Cream onto your palm.
Gently apply on your skin.
Reduce Melanin, Gives Even Colour to Skin, Clarifies and Brightens the Skin, Reduce Spot and Tans
Price- Rs 250/- for 250 ml.

Vedic Line Pigmentation Cream Revew

Vedic Line Depigmentation Cream Review
Vedic Line Depigmentation Cream comes in simple yet convenient and travel friendly tube packaging in green color with a very small opening at top, sufficient enough for one time use without any product wastage. The cream is quite thick and just a pea size is required for a nice spread. The cream gets easily absorbed without leaving a white cast and does not require much rubbing. It has an extremely light fragrance with is not that noticeable and not irritating at all. I could clearly feel a nice brightness along with a little shine on her face on application of this cream and she loved this shine because she is one with the dry skin. She kept using this cream for more that 40 days to find a difference in her skin tone and color.Since she is suffering from this hyperpigmentation, sunburn, scars since long time, I suggested her to use this Vedic Line Meladyne cream for atleast two months before expecting anything. After this time, I could myself see a slight change in her skin color but after about a period of 3 months, I could clearly see a remarkable change in her skin. It looked quite even because of the faded scars and reduce pigmentation. Her skin looked truly improved with very less black dots all over the face, which she had a lot before the use of this cream. Now let me tell you something about this post effect. We always hear about the harms of using depigmentation cream since they do harm once we stop using them. Same happened in my case.The condition was not too extreme but definitely little bad. My Mom's skin started showing few black dots on her face. In this case also, I would say it could be because she didn't use sunscreen even after getting rid of pigmentation and scars. Its very important to use sunscreen all the time because moving in sun in a city like India, where there are extreme summers will definitely result into pigmentation and sunburns anyhow.
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So this was all about this VEDIC LINE MELADYNE DEPIGMENTION CREAM. I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering with the pigmentation and sunburn problem but with proper using of suncreens and suncare lotion. Sunscreen plays a very important role in prevention as well as reduction of PIGMENTATION & SUNBURNS.

Nice depigmentation cream from VEDIC LINE.
Very effective in fading pigmentation and scars.
Comes in a nice convenient travel friendly packaging.
Very small amount required, so a single tube lasts for long.
Quite affordable.
Easily available online and offline.

Not effective if used without proper suncare.
Pigmentation might appear again if no proper sunscreen used.
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  1. Wish the cream is available over here so that I can recommend to my friends. And you are right. No matter what, a sunblock is so important.


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