ORIFLAME Milk and Honey Shampoo Review

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ORIFLAME Milk and Honey Shampoo Review

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo comes in such an attractive GOLD colored bottle which already makes it the first reason to buy. I have used plenty of  ORIFLAME PRODUCTS and always liked most of them. Some of my favorite products are Oriflame Bronzing Pearls, Kajal. This shampoo made of milk and honey was bought simply because of its amazing packaging and brand. Its been few days I bought this gold hair cleanser and have been using it on my dull dry almost unmanageable hair and hair is the complete review on this Oriflame Milk and Honey Shampoo.

Oriflame Milk Honey Shampoo Review
Oriflame Shampoo Review
What Oriflame Milk & Honey Shampoo Claims?
Creamy Shampoo with organically sourced ingredients - nourishing Milk proteins and moisturising Honey extracts give luxurious foam with exquisite fragrance. Gently cleanses and nourishes hair, leaving it shiny and healthy-looking. 200 ml.

PRICE - Rs 245 for 200 ml.

Oriflame Milk and Honey Shampoo ReviewThis Oriflame Milk & Honey Shampoo comes in this beautiful gold colored bottle as mentioned above. The bottle has a curved feminine looking shape which makes it both delicate and royal to look at. Just like usual shampoo hair cleanser bottles, there is a flip top which is quite friendly, easy to open and close without any fear of leakage. The shampoo is very creamy in texture and is almost white in color with a bit creamy tinge.

Oriflame Milk Honey Shampoo Review
Oriflame Shampoo Review

On application, the shampoo lathers amazing well with just little amount. The best part is its fragrance. Yes the fragrance of this hair cleanser is totally killing. Its so pleasant and adoring that I kept smelling it over and over again. Take a look at the picture below to guess the texture, creaminess and consistency of this shampoo.

Now coming to its effectiveness on how well the shampoo performs in hair cleansing along with adding shine, softness, volume to hair, some of the things we expect from almost all shampoos. Well as said, the shampoo lathers well and removes all dirt and dust leaving hair very clean yet smooth manageable and not dry. Normally this is the biggest problem with most shampoo which does the hair cleaning job effectively tend to leave hair dry but this Oriflame Milk Honey Gold Shampoo is a total thumbs up here too.

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Overall I would say this is a great shampoo from Oriflame and everyone should try it atleast once, since its one of the best shampoo and hair cleanser among so many other cleansers I have tried specially for dry rough unmanageable hair like mine. Do try and share your feed back on this shampoo.


Oriflame Milk Honey Gold Shampoo Review
Oriflame Shampoo Review
Oriflame Milk Honey Shampoo Review

Very pleasant shampoo.
Amazing Ingredients Milk & Honey Gold.
Milk and Honey add richness to shampoo.
Makes hair soft, smooth and manageable.
Hair quality improves with regular usage of this.
Extra ordinary adoring fragrance.

Only available with Oriflame agents offline.

  1. milk and honey gold seems great.

  2. This is ma favorite! It conditions, detangles and nourishes, giving me gorgeous, healthy-looking, shiny hair. Also, it has this amazing fragrance which just lingers on. I would say this is a great shampoo from Oriflame and everyone should try it atleast once :)

    1. It doesn't work the way you said and is expensive than other fine quality branded shampoo such as lotus and tresséme

  3. This shampoo sucks it made my hair dry and rough earlier I was using keraveda of lotus that was an amazing shampoo which made my hair smooth and silky but my friend suggested this shampoo which didn't turn out the way I expected to I would recommend to test the hair type before buying this shampoo :(


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