Hip Hop Hair Removing Wax Strips Review

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hip Hop Hair Removing Wax Strips Review

HIP HOP WAX STRIPS for mess free waxing at home . Waxing has been always a problem for all girls. We keep try different methods for HAIR REMOVAL like waxing, Epilation, using Razors, hair Creams and many more. We try few of these and then switch to another for other options like pain free hair removal, hair removal without skin darkening etc etc. But never achieve that kind of satisfaction which we all crave for. I too was in such a situation since waxing was big pain for me since I have super sensitive skin when it comes to waxing. For sometime I use to wax, then used Veet Hair Cream, then I used an ayurvedic hair removal powder and then kept using Venus Women Razor for quite a long time. Very recently I also bought Philips Epilator which I will be reviewing in sometime but found it to be extremely painful on underarms and along with being painful, I could not get a smooth finish which we get while waxing. So I was in search of another quick pain free hair removal method ( which is almost next to impossible) and it was then I discovered about the VEET Waxing Strips. So I just went to a near by shop to buy the Veet Hair Removal Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin. Unfortunately the shopkeeper said, he didn't have the Veet Wax Strips but instead have the Hip Hop Ones. I thought for a second, but bought it since I was new to both. He showed me two variants of Hip Hop Wax Strips, one Natural and another in Strawberry Variant. I being one with sensitive skin opted for the natural variant.

What Hip Hop Waxing Strips Claims?
Ready to use wax applied double strips remove unwanted hair effectively from the roots leaving skin feeling smooth Special after wipe towelette clean wax easily and quickly.
Hair Removing Wax Strips are manufactured using high quality raw material, which are used for hair removal. Moreover these wax strips are also used at home for removal of hair thereby saving time and money.
Variants :
Hip Hop Natural Waxing Strips.
Hip Hop Strawberry, Green Tea Hair Removing Wax Strips.
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips.
Price - Rs 150/- for 20 strips.

Hip Hop Waxing Strips Review
Hip Hop Wax Strips Review
The Hip Hop wax strips in Natural comes in a simple box packaging in pink white color with waxing instructions at the back of the box. This pack contains total of 20 pre coated ready to use wax double strips and 3 after depil towelette. A single strip gets unfold into two and make a total of twenty strips. Take a look below.

Hip Hop Wax Strips Natural
Hip Hop Wax Strips Review

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Hip Hop Hair Removal Strips
Hip Hop Waxing Strips Review
I was really scared before using these strips since I always use to run away from parlor waxing and getting wax done by self that too for the very first time was a total nightmare. But anyhow, I went ahead and tried the 1st strip on my already epilated leg with very few hair. But since it was just a trial, I wanted to feel the pain. But shockingly, when I pulled the strip, I felt almost no pain. I know this could be because I has almost no hair and legs are less sensitive than underarms. But I also felt the strips were not as sticky as the real wax strips. Anyway now after using once I went ahead to try on to my underarms and just applied it in the direction of hair growth. after pressing for a few seconds, I immediately pulled it and caught hold of the area. Guess what. I felt almost half pain what I feel in actual waxing. I was very relieved with this but then when I looked at the area waxed, I could see that the effect was also almost half or probably a little more. I again used another strip in another direction of hair grown and this time pulling with a little effort. This time was better than the last time. I repeated with a same strip in the corner to get a smooth finish but didn't succeed in getting the neat finish, we get after using real hot wax strips. I felt little pain and redness and I went ahead to apply my Nutriglow Anti Acne After Wax Gel. Since the strips were less sticky, may be this could be the reason for less finish. Also I didn't have full growth which is supposed to work best in case of waxing. so next time I will try on legs with full growth since they are less sensitive too.

Overall I think Hip Hop Hair Removing Wax Strips is a good alternative for waxing at home specially when it comes to emergencies and we cant rush to parlor and saloons. Also this hair removal method is mess free and is less painful. Though people who get regular wax wont be satisfied by this but I think this can be better option for quick pain free hair removal. I would definitely but these Hip Hop Wax Strips again but before that I would try Veet Hair Removal Wax Strips.

Hip Hop Wax Strips Pros
Quick, Easy, Mess free Hair Removal at home.
Less painful than actual hot wax.
Very affordable.
Easily available online.
This box sufficient for one full use.
Comes with after depil towelette.

Hip Hop Wax Strips Cons
Does not give actual saloon wax finish.
Leaves tiny hair behind.
  1. One more cons to the list is, it leaves stickiness. Even after multiple washes with soap, the gum still remains.

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