Godrej Nupur Mehendi Review

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Godrej Nupur Mehendi Review

 NUPUR Mehendi Powder is raved by many and after hearing so many good things about this HERBAL NUPUR KALI MEHENDI POWDER, I had to try it once. Recently while shopping in a store, I was searching for Shahnaz Hussain Forever Henna, since this have been also praised a lot, but unfortunatelty I did not find the Shahnaz one there & had to buy one either NUPUR Mehndi or VLCC Mehndi Powder, since only these two were available. I picked up both the mehndi powders, read their instructions and was quite impressed by their claims and ended up buying both the HENNA's being a truly impulsive buyer. I tried NUPUR HENNA first and for the very first time, I applied it all by myself using this Vega Hair Dye Mehndi Brush. Check out the review below to find whether I liked the Nupur Kali Mehndi or not.

The Goodness of Nupur

Godrej Nupur brings to you the purest quality Rajasthani Henna that’s acknowledged worldwide for superior colouring and conditioning capabilities. Godrej Nupur is additionally fortified with 9 special herbs that’ve been carefully picked for their hair care benefits.  Nupur henna is a 100% natural formulation that your hair would love.
Nupur has been chosen by women as a trusted companion for hair-health and nourishment. And today Nupur stands for all that’s beauty, celebration and femininity rooted in a strong Indian origin.

The best of Rajasthani henna combined with 9 natural herbs added in perfect proportions makes Godrej Nupur your perfect choice to get gorgeous, shiny and silky hair. Here’s what the 9 herbs are known for:
Brahmi-Promoting better hair growth.
Shikakai-Leaving your hair clean and shining.
Aloe Vera-Moisturizing your hair and making it silky.
Methi-Conditioning, nourishing and revitalising your hair.
Bhringraj-Enriching your hair, adding a lush character to it.
Amla-Darkening your natural hair color while adding a shine and luster.
Neem-Fighting scalp infection and preventing dandruff.
Hibiscus-Rejuvenating your hair, making it shiny and silky.
Jatamansi - Preventing your hair from graying.
Nupur Mehendi Review

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How to Use:
Let Nupur henna soak in water for 2 to 3 hours
Wish extra soft hair? Add a small portion of curd or oil!
Apply it on your hair from the root to tip
Wrap it up and leave it for 3 to 4 hours.
Rinse it thoroughly with water.
Price - Rs 22/ for 60g.

Godrej Nupur Mehendi Review

This Godrej Nupur Mehandi comes in a very simple packaging in green color packet with all the instructions and ingredient list at the back just like any other henna packaging. The powder is similar to other henna powders but has a little weird smell, which is quite normal with most of the mehandi's.
Godrej Herbal Mehandi Review

As per the instructions, this Nupur Mehandi Powder is required to be soaked in water for 3-4 hours and then apply. I soaked it in water and curd combination for more softness for about 4-5 hours. After that I just added en egg to it just before applying it to my hair. As said, I applied it using the Vega Mehandi Brush and didn't face too much problem while applying the henna, inspite of being the beginner. I applied it nicely giving special attention to the outer hair for better color reflection. I have medium length hair and it took me almost half packet to cover all of my hair nicely with this NUPUR HENNA. I left the henna on my hair for 3 hours and then washed under cold water which was the most difficult part of this Henna application. I had to literally run my finger through my hair to remove the stuck powder. I kept doing this for few minutes till I felt my hair cleaned. This was the most difficult and time consuming part. Anyway I went ahead and washed my hair 2- 3 times with plain water till I felt them to be all clean. I felt my hair to be really dry, which is quite normal post Henna, since it takes away all the oil build up. In fact my hair were less dry as compared to previous times, may be because of adding of curd to the mixture. This was all about this mehandi application and rinsing. Now coming to its effect on hair quality, color, texture etc. Well I felt my hair to be little dry immediately after rinse but had lot of volume. My thin quality appeared to be really fluffy and full of life. This Godrej Nupur Mehndi gave a slight darkening effect to my hair  and also added to the color reflection which could only be seen in the sunlight. So this was all about this Nupur Henna, it did made my hair full of volume with a color darkening effect but along with this my hair felt dry and rough too. Although this is my first time with the Nupur Mehandi, may be regular application of this gives me better quality hair along with volume and color.

Nupur Herbal Mehandi
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Nupur Mehendi Powder Pros:
Herbal henna powder with no chemicals.
Gives hair a nice volume.
Gives nice red brown touch to hair visible in sunlight.
Very affordable.
Quite easily available.

Nupur Mehendi Powder Cons:
Whole process of Henna application is a big mess.
Very difficult to wash this Nupur Henna.
Makes hair little dry and rough.

  1. I have never tried Henna for my hair but this looks average...Lovely review! :)


  2. Replies
    1. How is this henna for hair fall problem Beena

  3. I personally love this Henna for my hair..my hair never felt so gorgeous and voluminous..I usually mix an egg white with this Henna and apply on my hair

  4. I have added some curd and richfeel brahmi hair pack.... And as a result I have got super soft hair... With less dandruff

  5. Does it change the hair color

  6. Does it change the hair color

  7. A little trouble for something good, is generally how everything works. Isn't it ???

  8. The dry after feel can be easily eliminated by rinsing out the henna with conditioner. Rinsing our becomes so much easier that way. It won't affect the color henna has imparted to your hair.

  9. Rinsing out the henna thoroughly with conditioner is the best way to combat any after-henna frizz or dryness. I've also picked up this valuable tip of doing a deep-conditioning masque treatment for 20 minutes after rinsing out the henna.


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