Victoria's Secret Secret Charm Body Mist Review

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Victoria's Secret Secret Charm Body Mist Review

Victoria's Secret Charm Fragrance Body Mist Honeysuckle & Jasmine.

Hello everyone. This is yet another review on a fragrance body mist from one of the most popular brand Victoria Secret. Its one of the most adored fragrance Victoria Secret Charm Honeysuckle and Jasmine Body Mist. I heard rave reviews about this from all over but could not find one. Recently I got this as a gift and was so delighted to see it that very moment. After using it for a little more than a week, here is my review on this lovely feminine fragrance Victoria Secret Secret Charm Body Mist.

Victoria Secret Secret Fragrance Perfume
Victoria's Secret Charm Body Mist Review
Victoria Secret Secret Charm Body Mist Details:

An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Enchant in Secret Charm, a bright bouquet of fresh honeysuckle captivated by soft jasmine. Experience the luxury of fragrance. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a sexy touch of scent.
 Fast-absorbing formula contains nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins E and C. Massage on for silky, replenishing moisture. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.

Price - Rs 800/- approx for 250ml.

Victoria Secret Charm Body Mist Review

This adorable Victoria Secret Charm Body Mist comes in beautiful light blue colored spray bottle which is very appealing to eyes because of its light colored sky look. The bottle is transparent and quite tight similar to other body mists. the size of this is also little heavy to carry just like Eurolux Body Mist, but I still don't mind carrying this along with me since I love this so much.

Victoria Secret Body Mist Review
Victoria's Secret Charm Body Mist Review

The spray is perfect to use, releases just enough amount at a time and I normally spray it 2-3 times for a gentle yet very refreshing feel. The fragrance of this body splash itself is very mild and feminine that it hardly feels strong until and unless you go the the extreme of overdoing it to too much spraying. I normally like it to be mild, because thats how I feel it to be really soothing, gentle and very relaxing to my senses. Along with being mild, it creates such a refreshing aroma around that one cant really get enough of it.

This was all about the good things of this Victoria Secret Charm Body Splash. Now let me tell you its con and its its staying power. The fragrance does not last for more than few hours, may be because its too mild and I spray it just few times for a relaxing feel.Due of this I need to carry this big bottle in my purse which I sometimes avoid because it really makes my bag heavy.  Other than that I don;t think there is any such negative, in fact I found it be very feminine and soothing fragrance with a girly feel. This has come in my favorite body mist list along with Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist. I would definitely love to buy this perfume again but I am not really sure of its availability in India.

Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist Parfume Pros
Lovely feminine fragrance.
Very adoring, soothing and refreshing.
Milk and gentle.
Floral fragrance with a girly feel.
Big bottle will go for long.

Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist Parfume Cons
Does not last more than few hours.
Difficult to carry big bottle.
Difficult to find in India.
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