Origami So Soft Perfumed Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes Review

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Origami So Soft Perfumed Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes Review

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Review

These Origami Wet Wipes are little different from the normal wet tissues, since these are 5 in 1 Cleansing, Moisturizing, Deodorizing, Soothing and Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes. Anti bacterial is something unique in this and along with it, these are also perfumed. The features of these Origami So Soft Wet Wipes does not end here, since there is one more to add to it, which is the most important feature of it, and that is these are alcohol free . Yes these are Perfumed Alcohol Free Wet Wipes. I use Kara Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes quite frequently but I think these Origami Wipes have the best combination of features one could get but how good these actually are after use. Here is my review on it, on using these Origami So Soft Deodorizing Perfumed Wet Wipes. Along with the wet wipes, Origami has a huge collection of different types of other tissues including Face tissues, Pocket tissues, Table top Napkins, Kitchen Towels with wet wipes in different variants like that of Lemon, Aloe Vera, Cologne etc. but for now lets continue with the wet wipes.

Origami Wet Wipes Review

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Claims?

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Review
Origami Wet Wipes Review

Origami Perfumes Alcohol Free 5 in 1 Wet Wipes – Cleansing, Moisturizing, Deodorizing, Soothing and Anti Bacterial. Soft wipes for healthy & beautiful skin.
Mild anti bacterial formula.
Soft and absorbent.
Mildly perfumed.
Refreshing and moisturizing.
For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Store in normal room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Do not flush wipes.

Origami Wet Wipes Price – Rs 65/- for 25 wipes.

Ingredients – Non woven fabric, Aqua, Glycerine, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Vera. DMDM Hydentoin, Fragrance and preservative.

Origami So Soft Perfumed Wet Wipes Review.

The packaging ot these wet wipes is very similar to other wet wipes packaging, one can reseal these after use to keep the tissue wet inside. I have the sample wipe below in the picture, which cannot be resealed since it only contains a single tissue. As soon as you open the wipe, one could immediately feel the strong fragrance out of oit. The fragrance is very strong and mostly like herbal. Its not really too pleasant and little overpowering. I would have preferred it to be milder, specially when something is supposed to be used on face. The wipe is of normal consistency and not thin unlike tissue which get dissolved with a single rub. The size is also normal and sufficient enough for cleaning face and little more area nicely. 

Origami So Soft Wet Tissues
Origami Wet Wipes Review

Now coming to its effectiveness in cleaning, moisturizing and deodorizing skin as claimed. Well firstly, the wipe was not so fresh and wet as supposed to be. Though it was 8 months old the manufacturing date, but since its expiry is after an year, I expected it to be a lot more fresh. So because of loosing its wetness from the seal packed, it was not able to clean face fully. Thus no proper cleaning, not moisturizing and no soothing. The reduced wetness also reduced its effectiveness overall.  I think this could give better results if bought new one with a recent manufacturing date. But the main part which I didn’t like was it strong fragrance. I would never buy a product for my skin, specially facial skin which has so much fragrance since this could effect my sensitive skin even more.

I use wet wipes frequently and keep trying different type of these specially in summer, since wet wipes are must in summer. So I would try few other variants of these wet wipes like Origami Lemon, Aloe Vera, Cologne Wet Wipes to see the difference and feel it they are a bit mild or not. Because I prefer products with soothing preference and are a bit mild and gentle.

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Pros.

Perfumed Alcohol Free as Claimed.
All in one wet wipes.
Comes in lot of variants and sizes.
Easy to carry and use.
Easily available online.

Origami So Soft Wet Wipes Cons.

Fragrance too strong.
Not as fresh as supposed to be.
Contains Parabens.
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