How to Prevent Sticky Skin & Hair in Monsoons.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Prevent Sticky Skin & Hair in Monsoons.

Skin and Hair Care Tips for Rainy Season - Monsoon.

Its raining and raining all over and we are enjoying it. But at the same time our skin and hair are facing some issues like skin and hair stickiness, oiliness, itching, excessive sweating, skin redness due to zits and many other skin and hair problems. These are some of the problems, which we normally face in Monsoon, because our skin and hair suffers with these condition the most in rains, specially the skin and hair stickiness.
I did so many post on skin and hair care tips in summers in last few month. In this post I will brief about what causes, hair and Skin Stickiness and how can you prevent it keeping your hair and skin, cool, free from the sticky texture and sweat.

Skin and Hair Care Tips for Monsoons
Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Tips.

Causes of Skin and Hair Stickiness

There are normally many causes of the stickiness caused on hair and skin but most of this being the humidity in the area surrounding us. Stickiness arises out of sweat. We sweat almost all throughout whether its monsoon or its summers but maximum in summers due to excessive heat. Then why we face the stickiness the most in Monsoons?

Sticky skin and hair is the result of the sweat that stays on our skin and hair because of improper or totally no evaporation of the sweat in the air because of humidity in the air because of water vapors. I will explain this in more simple terms. We sweat in summers, but this sweat disappears from our hair and skin as soon as its evaporated in the air and we get a cool non sticky skin. But this process of evaporation slows down in monsoon, because of the humidity or water vapors contained in the air during the monsoon. Since the air around us is humid, full of moisture, its incapable to properly evaporate the sweat on our skin and hair, thus the sweat remains on our skin just like that. This sweat when combines with the humid air, turns our skin and hair sticky. This is how our skin and hair turns sticky in rains.

How to Prevent Sticky Skin and Hair in Monsoons.

This was all about, how stickiness arises in monsoon. Now let me share few steps which will help in preventing stickiness thus enjoying cool refresh skin in rains.

Washing Face - Washing face atleast 2-3 times or even more, whenever sweat appears is recommended in monsoon. This is because we don’t want the sweat to remain on our skin to due into stickiness, thus washing face frequently with plain water helps in preventing sticky skin.

Wet Wipes - Washing face is best to remove the sweat and dirt from skin. But if in case you can't wash your face because of being out or for some other reason, one can use wet wipes to clean off the excessive sweat. Rubbing wet tissues to clean off sweat helps in preventing skin stickiness. There are lot of wet wipes, like Kara refreshing Wet Wipes, Fresh ones, etc available in the market and you can choose as per your skin type. One can also use simple tissues to rub off the excess sweat.

Replacing Normal Sunscreen with Powdered Sunscreen.

Normally sunscreen makes our skin more oily, shiny and sweaty. Its best to replace the normal liquid sunscreen with the powder sunscreen, which not only help in keeping sweat in control but also in removal of excessive sweat.

Light Makeup
Its always said one should avoid heavy makeup both in summers and rainy season, sine this worsens the skin condition. One should try using any oil free moisturizer followed with compact, which helps in keeping sweat away. I always use my Revlon Moisturizing Powder in these sweaty Monsoons, which keeps oiliness in control without making skin dry.

Shampoo Frequently.

Taking special care of your hair along with skin in monsoon is required to keeps hair problems at bay. Normally people shampoo once or twice in a weak but this frequency should be increased a little during the rainy season since our hair is more prone to dirt, dust and sweat in monsoon, thus gives a sticky feeling. One should increase the frequency of shampoo a little more than normal. For more information on this, read my post on how many times to wash hair.

Less use of Conditioners, Oily Lotions and Serums.

Almost all people use conditioners , hair care serums and several other type of hair lotions to nourish their hair. But in monsoons and rains, one should try using non sticky and less oily lotions and that too in less amount avoiding the scalp area which is more prone to oiliness.
In case of excess stickiness, sprinkling some baby powder comes as an immediate relief from oily and sticky hair.

Drinking Lots of Water.
This is one home remedy which is helpful almost in all seasons and for all people. Same is the case with monsoons. Drinking water frequently helps in keeping our hair, skin cool and refreshed. One should fix this as a habit, since there are infinite benefits of drinking pure water frequently. For more information on this, read Benefits and Uses of Water Therapy for Hair and Skin.

Well this was all about causes and prevention of sticky skin and hair. I have tried to list out the best home remedies for controlling and preventing hair and skin stickiness. These are all safe and natural method. Do try and let me know if you have any doubts or queries.

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