CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume Spray Review

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Friday, July 4, 2014

CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume Spray Review

This post is on a a very unique product, though it has become quite common these days but in my case, this is second time I am buying it. I am talking about Apparel Perfume Spray. Body splash, deodorant, body Spray have become our necessity today. But what about our clothes? Don't they too need a refreshing aroma and all day freshness. This product CFS Cargo Perfume Apparel Spray does this work of refreshing our apparels in no time making them smell good as always.

CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume Spray is available in different variants on various online shopping  sites-Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume Spray Review

 CFS Cargo Apparel Perfume Spray Details

 Long lasting light flavored perfume 7 to 8 hours, contain: mixture of fresh fruit, flowers very popular among younger males for its spicy and sexy fragrance, sensual male fragrance, this fragrances embodies the classic, elegant and timeless appeal of these exquisite fragrances. This product is a stand out fragrance because of its fragrance that will make your partner fall fiercely in love with you.

Price - Rs 339/- for 100 ml.

CFS Cargo Apparel Eau De Parfum Spray is available in following variants

CFS Cargo White Apparel Perfume Spray
CFS Cargo Brown Perfume Eau de Parfum
CFS Cargo Million Apparel Perfume Spray
CFS Cargo Grey Perfume Eau de Parfum
CFS Cargo Timber 12 Hour Fragrance Apparel Perfume Spray

The one I am going to review here is White Apparel.


Few years back I bought my first apparel spray which was in a deodorant shape but this one looks totally like a perfume. This apparel spray comes in a solid thick glass bottle with a big silver cap at top. The bottle is simple and not really fascinating like Givenchy Amarige Perfume and Lancome Paris Perfume which are extremely cute looking body perfumes. Though it looks good in glass but because of being in glass its not travel friendly, so this is a big con for me since I would always prefer carrying a plastic bottle apparel spray with me while traveling.

CFS Cargo Apparel Easu De Parfum Review

Now coming to its application. The spray is just ok to use not too tight neither too gentle to use and releases quite sufficient amount. The fragrance in this is very similar to a body perfume, but its little on the stronger site. However, one cannot make a difference in this being an apparel spray. I have smelled this perfume or somewhat similar to this many times in mauls and shopping places.

If you use the right amount, then this apparel spray is a definitely a good buy but if you use  it too much, it will not be very soothing what we normally expect from all perfumes and deos. I personally use this spray for multiple purpose. I use this on my apparels, curtains, bedsheets and sometimes also as a room freshener but always in moderate quantity. The lasting power of this Eau de Parfum is average when used moderately. It stays for about 4-5 hours keeping things smell good for that time period and refreshed after that.

Overall this is quite good affordable apparel spray from CFS Cargo to keep your clothes and other stuffs smell good all time. One also has option to choose from different variants available, which is an added advantage.


Looks like perfume in glass bottle.
Sturdy solid packaging.
Releases sufficient amount.
Easily available online and offline.


Not travel friendly because of glass bottle.
Strong if used more.
Average long lasting power.

  1. nicely written review dear :)

  2. Wished the staying power is a bit more but Seems like a good spray dear! Lovely Review :)

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