VOV Waterproof Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil Black Review

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Monday, June 30, 2014

VOV Waterproof Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil Black Review

I never like stepping out without a kajal or a kohl pencil. Like most people I also believe that mostly two things or I should say products change the overall look of your face - Kajal Kohl Pencil and Lipsticks. I do skip lipstick at times but never a kohl. Recently I did a post on Oriflame Black Kohl Pencil, which I liked somewhat. This post is also on a Kohl Pencil from the brand VOV. I have tried very few products of VOV like its nail paint, nail polish remover and probably few more. But for the very first time I tried its kajal just after I saw some when wearing it and the kajal looked too good on her.

VOV Waterpoof Kajal Pencil Review

 VOV Waterproof Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil Details-

Helps define shape of your eyes for an aesthetic look.
All day wear without fading or creasing
Soft and gentle to use

Shade- Black

Price - Rs 110/-


I have been using Maybelline Colossal for almost two years now. Though I keep trying different brand kohls normally but most of the time I use the Maybelline one. I was excited to this this when I saw one of my friends wearing this kajal on her eyes and her eyes looked stunning with the deep black kohl on them. It was then I got this for me and here is its review.

VOV Kohl Review

This Vov Soft Kohl comes in very sturdy looking pencil. Its very sturdy compared to other kajals whether they are in twist up form or the simple ones and looks quite good with the silver cap on it.

On application the pencil is really soft as the name says and gives nice black deep pigmented shade with 3-4 swipes. Just a single application on the waterline will give very light effect, but I sometimes go with just one or two swipes when I am looking for light makeup. When ever I want a deep pigmented look, I apply it generously for about 3 - 4 times. Take a look at the swatches below with different swipes.

VOV Kajal Pencil Review

Now coming to its other features like its fragrance, lasting power and non smudging quality. This Vov Kajal Pencil lasts for about 3-4 hours easily on the waterline but it do starts smudging on my sensitive watery eyes just after an hour or so. I must clear here that most of the kajal pencils smudge on my wtareline easily, which does not on others. My friend who used this pencil, told me that it stayed on her waterline without smudging for 3 hours easily. So it varies from person to person.

The pencil has no such smell, its very light and cannot be really felt. Regarding its waterproof quality. this pencil in truly waterproof.  After applying this pencil in the evening I washed my face in the night using my regular face wash, after which some amount of the kohl was left. I had to use my Biotique Almond Oil Makeup Remover to get rid of the left amount.

Overall this VOV kohl soft kajal pencil is a quite good kohl pencil and gives rich dark pigmented look with multiples swipes and stays on eyes easily for 3 -4 hours. Its smudging power is little less but it again varies depending on the eyes like does not smudge for 3-4 hours on normal eyes but do smudge easily on sensitive watery eyes like mine.


Rich sturdy look.
Gives rich deep pigmented shade.
Good for the rich eye makeup look.
Lasts for few hours easily.


Smudges on watery eyes.
Availability might be an issue.

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  1. wow....The pencil looks lovely...The pigmentation is amazing :)
    Lovely Review dear!



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