How Often Should You Oil Hair

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How Often Should You Oil Hair

How often should I oil my hair?  This is a very common question next to How Often Should you Wash Hair? I am an Indian living in India where oiling of hair regularly was one of the most important task of mothers to their children, specially in case of girls. But somehow this practice is not that popular now. People do apply oil even now but somehow daily office schedules and meetings keep us away from applying it frequently. Its difficult to give that ancient care and attention to your hair and skin along with managing your style statement. Thats why many people ask me - is it important to oil hair every day or every week? And how often Should I oil my hair and how many times in a week.

Oiling Hair for Different Benefits

Oiling of hair is of utmost importance for healthy beautiful hair. People apply oil for various reasons to get the desired results. Some apply oil to get beautiful hair and some to maintain & enhance their already beautiful hair. Many people apply oil to get long thick hair, some apply to make their hair soft, shiny and manageable. This way everyone's need and requirement is different but their method remains the same  - proper and regular oiling of hair.


How Often Should You Oil Your Hair

Oiling of hair is mandatory for all hair types. But how often and how frequently one should do this, depends on one's hair type. Below are some general rules of many times should you oil your hair according to your hair type.

Dry Hair

Dry hair is maximum prone to damage. They are rough, brittle, more prone to breakage, dandruff, split ends, tangles and very difficult to manage requiring frequent oiling of hair. People with dry hair should be very regular in applying oil to their hair, with atleast keeping it to 2-3 times per week. Deep oiling of hair is recommended atleast once a week using Castor or Organic Coconut Oil followed by steaming of hair for few minutes to help oil go deep inside.

How Often Should You Oil Hair

If hair is severely damaged and extremely dry, daily oiling of hair is recommended. In case of daily oiling one should avoid using heavy oils like castor oil and try using light ones like Parachute Coconut Hair Oil, which can be washed easily by using any mild shampoo.

How Often Should You Oil Hair

When I have extremely dry tangled hair, I use this Matrix Hair Serum which removes all my tangles so easily.

Normal Hair

Normal hair are very easy to handle and maintain. They are not dry, neither oily and thus carry the perfect balance of hair moisture which looks hair shiny and bouncy. Since normal hair are less prone to hair problems like hair fall, hair tangles, oiling of  normal hair should be once or twice per week using any hair oil of choice whether its coconut, olive or mustard oil but Virgin Coconut Oil is considered best for all hair types. It light and very healthy for hair and skin both.

Oily Hair

People with oily scalp have oily hair. Overactive sebaceous glands produce more oil than required thus making hair oily. Oily hair appear greasy and flat thus taking away that bounce and flow from hair making any style look bad.

Thus people with oily hair should limit the application of oil, keeping it once a week on an average . Along with that using proper shampoo to get rid of oiliness is very important. One can even wash hair with baking soda once a week which takes away oil from scalp making hair bouncy. However this also tends to make hair little dry, so dry hair beauties should avoid using baking soda for hair wash.

These were some of the factors which one should consider on deciding how frequently you should oil your hair. In general there is no such rule and it depends on your hair type and most importantly how your hair reacts. Experience is the best way to judge what works best for your hair.

Proper Method of Applying Oil

Best way to apply oil is by dividing hair into different sections and then applying it gently with fingers. Try not pouring the oil directly on the hair since it increases the chance of more oil, which later requires more shampoo to wash. I personally prefer oiling my hair twice a week preferably at night and thus leaving it overnight and wash off in the morning. This way oil remains on my hair for several hours and also away from dirt and dust while sleeping, since oily hair attracts much more dust than normal hair. Try applying oil at lukewarm temperature since it gets easily absorbed giving maximum benefits.

  1. hello,
    on which days due you oil your hair and keep it over night?

  2. My hair is oily type. After first day of shampoo application, my fine hair looks dull without bounce effect. Could anyone suggest a remedy.

  3. My hair is oily type. After first day of shampoo application, my fine hair looks dull without bounce effect. Could anyone suggest a remedy.


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