Cinthol Lime Refreshing Deo Soap Review

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cinthol Lime Refreshing Deo Soap Review

Summers are still on their peak. We are dealing with extreme heat and sweat, managing ways to deal with it with proper summer care tips to keep our self healthy, fit and beautiful. This post is on yet another product which have been my really good friend this summer. Its Godrej Cinthol Lime Refreshing Deo Soap. I just picked a pack of this Cinthol Lime Fresh Deo Soap while shopping in a maul, without any specific reason.

I was using Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap before this which had a very strong medicated smell and a deo soap just after that is even more pleasing. I am using this Cinthol Refreshing Deo Soap since few weeks and realy liking it specially because of its lemon fragrance which is so refreshing in these heavy summers. Read out my full review below to find why I like this Cinthol Soap so much.

Cinthol Refreshing Deo Soap comes in following variants and their claims.

Lime Fresh
Its enhanced lime freshness revitalizes your senses for a fantastic bathing experience.

Original Deodorant and Complexion Soap
Its high TFM keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Its recommended by doctors to reduce the risk of skin problems.

Cooling Deo Soap
Its extra cold menthol keeps your skin fresh, alive and summer-proof.

Aqua Fresh.

Strong Germ Protection
Its anti-bac properties gives you germ protection and insta deo keeps you smelling great all day.

Intense Deodorant Soap
Its premium cologne protects you from body odour through your active day.

Price  - Rs 69/- for Pack of 4 Soaps.


I bought two variants of this Cinthol Deo Soap but liked Lime one more than Aqua Fresh. I like using Lemon products very much in summers, like I still use my old Everyuth Lemon Face Wash and Clean & Clear  Morning Energy Face Wash at times when I need to be refreshed. The packaging of this is quite good with very attractive bright yellow color and the soap inside too has yellow lime color. I used their Cinthol Cool soap but this is not cool but a refreshing deo soap and is smaller in size than regular soaps.

The best part of this Cinthol Lime soap is its fragrance which is citrus and very similar to Lemon. It gives me quite a similar feeling like that of Lemon Tea Tree Body Wash but this is far cheap than that body wash since it comes in a soap form.

On usage it lathers average, a little less than regular soaps but gives a squeaky clean skin with a refreshing deo fragrance which lingers for long. Even when I enter my wash room after a while I could feel the effect of its fragrance still there.

The thing I don't like about this Soap is that it melts very fast sitting in the soap tray finishing very quickly. But I am not concerned too much on this since the soaps are really cheap and so is this one. Overall I am enjoying a Citrus Refreshing Bath this Summer because of these Godrej Cinthol Deo Soaps.


Attractive bright color packaging.
Amazing Lime Fragrance.
Comes in different variants
Truly refreshing soap


Melts away quickly.
Would love if it had come in variants like Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach.

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