Must Carry Products in Summers for Beautiful Skin

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Must Carry Products in Summers for Beautiful Skin

Summers are at peak this time. Extremely hot winds are blowing throughout. Everyone likes to sit inside in air condition in such hot weather outside, but thats not possible always. We have our jobs, duties and works to complete so against our wish we have to step out in hot and that too during peak hours at times. This results in lot of problems like suntan, sunburn, dehydration, dry skin etc. Suntan is very common in summers. Its very severe if you spend a little more time in peak hours. Thats why no matter what time I am out I always follow few natural home remedies to prevent suntan as soon as I reach home. These definitely help in soothing my skin and reduce the chance of sunburn because of immediate after care and attention.

Along with suntan, another common problem in summers is dehydration. Our body loose lot of water through sweat, thus resulting in dehydration, which in turn gives dehydrated dull looking skin. One should always follow some natural tips to prevent dehydration of skin in summers.

Along with the problem of suntan and dehydration, there are many other problems which affect our skin and body badly if we spend lot of time out without taking proper precautionary measures. These problems can be reduced to lot of extent and almost completely if we carry few things with us while travelling.

Following things are must to be carried in your purse in summers.


Carrying a water bottle in summers is very important since you need to drink water time to time at regular intervals while you are out. You can also get water outside at various places but I just avoid those tap waters or waters from any open source no matter how clean they appear to be. If I don't have my own bottle, I prefer buying mineral water bottles from outside. Drinking water at regular intervals will help in keeping your body & skin hydrated.


Sunscreen plays a very role in keeping skin fresh & beautiful in summers. If we don't apply sunscreen properly in summers, we might end up getting suntan, sunburn, pigmentation and then getting rid of all these problems is far more difficult and time consuming than preventing these. Sunscreen must be applied 10-15 minutes prior stepping out but this does not end here. You need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours till you are outside, so carrying a sunscreen is must.


I always carry a packet of wet wipes with me in summers.  When ever I feel extreme hot, I just pull out one and wipe my face all over with it and I feel so refreshed and cool. It instantly gives me cooling  and soothing effect along with giving moisture to my dry skin. So always carry a bag of any wet wipes of your choice to give yourself that refreshing feel outside.


Our skin looks beautiful when its fresh and flawless. Same is the case with eyes. Our eyes look more radiant and young when they are fresh and free of dark circles. Radiant eyes make face look more radiant. Similarly mature eyes make face look mature. Like sunscreen protect our skin from sun, the Sunglasses protect out eyes from sun. So don't forget to wear sunglasses while steeping out. You can even try few natural methods to remove dark circles, if you have any.


In case of extreme heat, sunscreen might not give you complete protection, so wearing scarves and gloves increase added protection to exposed areas like face and arms. I don't always wear a scarf since I need to take it off again and again but I always try wearing gloves to avoid sunburn on my arms.


Some people are not comfortable with wearing scarf and gloves since they feel very suffocating with them. Some feel scarf would disturb their skin and hair look and so there are various other reasons from person to person who don't like wearing scarf and gloves. So not a problem, you can also substitute these scarves and gloves with an umbrella.

Try carrying these things with you every time when you are out. This would help in preventing various problems which are very common to occur in summer.

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  1. Though the beauty companies will have you believe that their sunscreens are enough to protect your skin completely, they are lying. sunscreens can only do that much.

    These physical layers which you mentioned are important if you live in a place like India. I carry scarf's and sun glasses with me whenever I travel!


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