Modicare Essensual Glycerine & Honey Complexion Bar Review

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Modicare Essensual Glycerine & Honey Complexion Bar Review

This is a review on one of my favorite summer soap, Modicare GLYCERINE SOAP, though I use it throughout the year but definitely in summers if I am fortunate enough to get myself one. This Glycerine Honey and Complexion Bar is from the brand, Modicare. Modicare products are not available in the market like those other commercial brands but with agents and members as in case of brands like Oriflame, Amway, Avon etc.

 I don't know how many of you are aware of this brand, but its quite popular since few years and I am a regular and loyal buyer of some of MODICARE PRODUCTS since its products suit my SENSITIVE SKIN very well. It provides one of the BEST OIL FREE MOISTURIZER, which I have used for long time along with its TEA TREE OIL TONER, both of  these products helped me in reducing my acne and improving my skin condition a lot. I have using this Modicare Glycerine Soap since years and can truly say this is one of the BEST SOAP FOR SENSITIVE ACNE PRONE SKIN.

What this Modicare Essensual Glycerine and Honey Complexion Bar Claims?

A transparent complexion bar, specially prepared with glycerine & blended with honey to gently condition your skin leaving it feeling cleaner, softer & smoother.

Purifies & preserves the natural balance of even the most sensitive skin. Its superior rinsability leaves nothing behind to irritate the skin. Keep in a cool dry place. Dermatologically tested. No testing on animals.

Price - Rs 65/- for 75 g.

Remove acne quickly with these home remedies.


This Modicare Glycerine Soap comes in square shaped packet, almost similar to the shape of the soap. The soap is transparent  with little brown color shade. The smell of this soap is very strong and appears to be like that of glycerine.I don't have any problems with its smell since its really nice and not irritating at all.

I have been using this soap for so much time that I can totally point its fragrance out of a bunch. The soap does not lather too much but definitely gives a very very clean fresher looking skin. The faces looks very vibrant and glowing instantly.

Now why I like and love this soap so much that I get it shipped to my place every time direct from the company website, because I don't think there is any other way to order it. Its not availabe in any of the online shopping sites or in any cosmetics and beauty outlets. This is a big con when you like these modicare products and only way to get these is through their site or though their members.

The best thing I like about this glycerine honey soap is that its removes all dirt, dust, dullness from the face in just a single wash giving you amazingly fresher looking skin with enhanced complexion.It also removes all oil from face and gives a very matt looking skin. Thats why I love using this soap in summers. though I even use this in winters but sometimes it makes my skin dry in winters if rubbed too much.

I have been using this soap since years on and off and absolutely love it. It does not irritate my sensitive skin, does not give any breakouts or pimples on my acne prone skin. True to its name, it definitely gives enhanced complexion feel just in one wash but its temporary and stays few minutes after wash. But overtime I have felt it has improved my skin tone and texture a lot. The only problem I go through with this glycerine honey soap is how to get this since these are not easily available.


Gives extra squeaky clean skin.
Skin appears fresh and radiant instantly.
Nice fragrance
Removes all oil, dirt and dust from the skin.
Does not irritate sensitive acne prone skin.
Gives a nice matt looking skin.
Contains Glycerine and Honey, amazing ingredients beneficial for skin.


Might dry out skin in winters if rubbed for long.
Very difficult to get, not easily available online or offline.

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  1. Wow: nice matt looking skin? I would love that effect on my skin too. But finding the soap is gonna be difficult.


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