Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues Review - Refreshing Deo Wipes

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues Review - Refreshing Deo Wipes

Wet Wipes and tissues are one of the necessities in Summer. I have used Kara Wet Wipes for a long time in different variants and found them to really refreshing and soothing but now I wanted to try some other cleansing tissues, so bought the Fresh Ones. Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wet Wipes are available in different variants and in different sizes for use at home, for car and for travel. The one containing 15 tissues is really travel friendly. I prefer this size since I make sure to carry a wet wipes box in my purse specially in these summers.

I always recommend people to carry few things is summers for sure if you are travelling out most important of these being water bottle, to avoid dehydration in summers along with sunscreen and wet wipes to avoid getting skin tanned in summers.

Fresh One Refreshing Deo Wet Cleansing Wipes come in following different variants,

Baby Wipes

Product Description

Fresh Ones Wet Tissues come in an easy to seal container. It makes sure the freshness of these scented tissues remain intact around every use. It has gentle cool and refreshing fragrance to keep your senses distressed and rejuvenated. They are quite a relief during hot and humid weather or just to wipe hands and face for fresh feel.

Fresh Ones Wet Tissues are well sanitized and come in a container which keeps its scent protected. It has anti-bacterial formula therefore every time you clean your hands or face it remains germ free.

Features and Benefits:

Comes in three different types of containers
Safe for children as well
Has non-alcohol base
Has no detergent or ether
Price - Rs 38 /- for 15 sheets.

 Essentials things to carry while travelling in Summers


I bought the Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues in the smallest travel friendly size with 15 sheets in cologne variant. It comes in a small box in white blue color with a flip at top.

The flip is easy to open but the wipes are not so easy to pull out. You require to put a little effort to pull out tissue but that too leave some part it inside. Also the sheet size really small for proper cleansing.

The fragrance of these cologne tissue is little strong  and thus might not be liked by poeple with sensitive nose. I have also used the Rose variant which too had a quite strong smell and was not bearable. However Cologne smell is also strong but its better than the Rose one.

Now coming to its role as a refreshing deo wipe. These Fresh One wipes are perfumed with a strong fragrance so definitely works as a deo wipe, though in a bit stronger way and its also refreshing when you clean your burning skin with these wipes in summers. But yes the effect is not that much strong and soothing which you want. These Wet Cleansing tissues will remove the sweat, dirt, dust nicely giving you clean and clear skin but internally the cooling effect is not much which a wet tissue is supposed to give.

Overall these Fresh Ones wet tissues are just average wipes in quality. They do their work but not in an extraordinary way and I would definitely want an extra cooling and extra soothing effect in these summer than what these wipes give.


Available in different variants and sizes
Smallest size very travel friendly
Refreshens skin saving you from that heating and burning sensation in hot.
Does not irritate skin
Wet even after long time.


Soothing and Cooling effect is less than required for hot summers.
Strong fragrance
The Sheet Should have been little bigger in size.
Pulling out of wet tissues is bit problematic.

  1. I remeber using these long time back....Nd quite liking them..these days i use the kara wet wipes....Such essentials they are for summer! Beautifully reviewed dear :)

  2. These are best for summers.. hv used them a lot.. nice review :)

  3. Wet wipes is a very useful thing and are used in hotels as well as in the households for cleaning purpose. These are small in size and are very convenient and easy to use. It is foldable and you can wrap according to your space.
    Christine Bendel


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