ORRIS Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

ORRIS Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

This is an updated review of ORRIS NAIL POLISH REMOVER PADS. I have seen such nail paint remover pads in India very recently. These Orris Nail Paint Remover Pads come in different variants like Aloe Vera, Lavender, Vanilla.  I have mentioned other details of these Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads HERE in my earlier post regarding this. Now I am showing how effective they are in removing nail polish and how easily they do their job.

There are 30 nail paint remover pads in the box and each pad is very thin. Each Pad has some very strong weird fragrance which I didn’t like at all. I used this one pad to clean this nail polish in bright red colour.

I just used this single pad and rubbed it all over the nails and to my surprise it cleaned this red nail paint very easily and effortlessly. I did not have to press it hard except at one or two times where the nail polish was stuck in corner, otherwise it did its job all by itself. Not only this it also gave some oily shine to nail immediately on cleaning the nail polish, however the shine disappeared in just about 30 seconds.

Overall I am very happy with these Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads since they are very easy to use, so travel friendly, hygienic and also Acetone Free. These are best nail paint remover option while travelling. No mess of using liquid nail polish remover and cotton. Just take the pad rub it and you are done. 

  1. I don't use nail polish, so hardly tried any polish remover. It did a good job. Will suggest to my friends.

    1. Even I have developed some interest in nail paints very recently

  2. Wow! These look really good. Would love to try it :)

  3. loved this product totally! Travel friendly


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