How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summer

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summer

How to Keep Skin Hydrated during Summers with Natural Methods and Home Remedies.

Summers, Heat, Suntan, Sunstroke, Sun Damage… these are the words that are going everywhere these days, specially in India, where Summers have already reached an extreme condition this April end. I just cannot spend more than 2 hours outside in Sun continuously in these heavy summers. The  moment I come back, I immediately spray cold water on face and follow some other  home remedies to prevent suntan and get rid of sun damage in summers,  any if occurred. Loss of water in Summers in the most, so its very important to take proper measures to retain and maintain skin hydration for healthy looking beautiful skin even in summers.

Just imagine if we feel so much hot inside, what would be the condition of our skin outside directly facing the stroking sun rays in summers. Yes summers cause a lot of damage to skin and create problems like skin darkening, tanning and dehydration. Dehydration affects both skin and body badly in summers because along with the sun damage, sweating also takes lot of water out from our body in summers, thus resulting in dehydrated skin and Body

But don’t worry, we definitely have some cure and home remedies to prevent these damage caused in summer, buy keeping our skin hydrated in summers.

Causes of Dehydrated Skin


Aging is the natural process in everyone’s life and we just cannot stop it. Sebaceous glands, which tends to produce oil, become less active with aging, thus making our skin dehydrated

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play an important role in skin condition. If one spends a lot of time in Sun, specially in summers, it results in dehydrated skin. Cold winds also result in skin dehydration
Eating & Drinking Habits

Eating and drinking habits also affects the skin condition. If person does not take proper diet including all vitamin and minerals, resulting in deficiency of essential vitamin thus resulting in dehydration. If a person a does not drink sufficient glasses of water, this results in dehydration. This needs to be given special attention in summers when loss of water from the body is most. Compensating this loss with intake of fresh water glasses and other healthy fluids like juice helps in keeping skin hydrated. 

Drinking water early morning has infinite health benefits, not only to body but to skin as well.

Excessive Intake of Medicines

Taking too many medicines also results in skin dehydration.

Harsh Skin Care Products

Using cosmetics makeup and skin care products with harsh chemicals affects the skin condition badly

Symptoms of dehydrated skin

Symptoms of dehydrated skin are almost similar to dry skin type. Skin appears dull, dry, inelastic and problematic. Skin peeling and bleeding might occur in severe cases.

How to Reduce Dehydration by Keeping Skin Hydrated in Summers

Water and Water
Yes water is the most important thing in summers. Along with drinking lot of water in summers, one should also splash cold water on skin topically. This keeps you hydrated both internally and externally.

Exfoliating and Scrubbing

Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dead dry skin resulting in soft fresher looking skin. Exfoliated skin helps in keeping skin moisturized for long. One should properly scrub and exfoliate skin without being too harsh. You can use any scrub available in the market as per your skin type or can even go for your own homemade scrub.


Keeping skin moisturized is the key to hydrated skin. Applying moisturizer several times a day, at least in morning and before sleeping is very important to maintain proper hydration of skin. Applying moisturizer on exfoliated skin keeps skin hydrated for long. One can go for any suitable moisturizer according to skin type or can even opt for natural soothing moisturizers like Aloe Vera Gel, which not only helps in moisturization but also helps in preventing Suntan.


Just like moisturization, sunscreen plays an extremely important role in summers. Sunscreen helps in protecting skin from sun damage, One should apply high SPF sunscreen in summers as per skin type. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before stepping out and must be reapplied after 2 hours when in sun continuously.

Fruits and Vegetables.

One should try eating proper fruits and vegetables to keep hydration level balanced in summers, thus reducing skin dehydration. Juicy fruits and fruits like watermelon containing high amount of liquid should be consumed throughout summers to increase intake of water. This helps in avoiding dehydration thus helping in keeping skin hydrated in these hot summers.

Reducing Intake of Caffeine and Alcohol

Tea, Coffee, Alcohol makes are very much responsible for skin dehydration. Thus reducing consumption of these and replacing these with water and healthy fresh juices is very beneficial in skin hydration.

Using Herbal Chemical free Skin Care Products

People should avoid using strong skin care products with chemicals in all seasons specially in summers and should stick to natural herbal products. Instead of going for various beauty creams in market, one should try natural home made packs for glowing skin

These were some of the best ways to reduce dehydration by keeping skin hydrated in summers. Along with this proper sleep, rest and stress free relaxed mind is important throughout.

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  2. Agreed. I've cut down on caffeine and yes to lots of sunblock.

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