Best Way to SCRUB Face Properly

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best Way to SCRUB Face Properly

SCRUBBING OF FACE and other parts of body is very important for a naturally beautiful glowing skin. Scrubbing helps in removing the dead layer of the skin and thus helps in removing the dull outermost layer. This method of removing dead layer by applying scrub is known as exfoliation and scrub works as an exfoliator here.

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Whatever do, it should be done in the best way possible and same thing applies to scrubbing your face and body.  Scrubbing in a proper manner is very important to get the best results. Here is step by step method of how to apply scrub to your face.

ü  Wash face nicely with a wash face to remove all the dirt from the skin.

ü  Take a gauge cloth or any thin cloth and soak it in hot water. Squeeze all the water out and apply this cloth to your face taking care that it’s not too hot to burn your face but sufficient hot to open the pores of the skin. Let cloth remain on face for 1 min till it’s hot. Repeat this step again 3-4 times so that pores open nicely.

This is basically giving steam to face, to open the pores of the skin before scrubbing, so that it cleans the skin from inside. One can use a facial steamer in this case if possible.

ü  Now take any scrub of your choice and apply it your face very gently.

I sometimes use market scrubs and sometimes home made, but mostly I prefer my  own HOMEMADE SUGAR SCRUB, which gives amazingly clean brighter looking skin without any side effects.

ü  Massage the scrub in circular motion giving special attention to areas like nose and chin. Don’t forget to include your neck. Do this for 3-4 minutes, then  clean your face properly so that there is no left out particles on your skin. Make sure to wash face with cold water, since cold water helps in closing of the pores. Once all scrub has been removed, dry with towel and apply any good toner. If you don’t use any toner, you can also apply rose water or ice on your face. These also work like a toner.

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ü  Finally apply moisturizer to your face and it’s done.

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