Beautiful Natural Looking Red Lips from Red Lipstick Review

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beautiful Natural Looking Red Lips from Red Lipstick Review

This post is about how to create natural looking ( somewhat not completely) reddish pink LIPS with the help of a RED LIPSTICK, so that it does not appear to be gaudy and bright for daily normal days but on the other hand, gives your face a healthy glow, by giving your lips a radiant natural looking shade. 


This Red lipstick which I am going to use now is of pure red shade. This is somewhat close to blood red colour. It’s pure red colour and might be a little bright for few but people who love blood red lipstick this one is for you. If give bright beautiful red lips if applied nicely. Take a look

If you want blood red colour for parties, then you need to apply this lipstick in a very normal way to make their bright colour appear more bright. But what if you want your lips to look all natural and descent for office or working days. Here is the tutorial,

Things Required,

Any Red Colour Lipstick
You can even use pink lipstick, but I prefer red more than pink.

Lipstick base or any lip moisturizer
Using a moisturizer prior to lipstick actually lightens the original shade of the lipstick and thus help in giving a more natural looking shade.

A transparent gloss

Firstly apply lip moisturizer or base.

Now don’t apply lipstick directly, just take lip brush, dab it into your lipstick and then with the help of this brush apply dots of this all over your lips  but keeping limited to few not too much so that there is plain gap in between the dots.

Now try blending these red dots together to give a consistent shade to your entire lips.  This actually makes lipstick light and natural. I just did the same thing on my hand to show you how it appears. First I applied dots and then merged them all together, Take a look at the light red shade in the top right side.


I did it very quickly since it was on hands, but you need to be careful with lips, to give them a neat look.

One Minute for Eyes Before Sleepingis Must

Finally when it has blended nicely and you have got even shade all over, follow up with a transparent gloss to enhance the look of your lips even more. You can even use natural shade lip liner, if you want to give shape to your lips, but this tutorial was on natural looking lips, so I dint use it.

  1. Loved the tips dear!
    Even i do the same..i simply dot a super red lipstick for just that naturally bitten red lips look so that it is wearable :)

  2. nicely explained girl!!
    btw...which lipcolour is that?? is a beautiful red!

    Blue Velvet Addict

  3. Love the brightness and with another stroke of moist, awesomeness in how we look.


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