Orange Benefits for Health & Skin

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Orange Benefits for Health & Skin

Orange is one of the most common and most loved fruits specially among children because of its sweet and sour taste. Orange also helps kids in understanding of its colour orange because of same name. Moreover Orange is one of the most easiest fruits to eat. Just grab it, peel it and eat. Orange juice is also famous since its equally sweet and tempting to drink, but I prefer eating Orange as a whole which more healthier because it has lot of fibres which gives us lot of health benefits. Since an Orange is full with different vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we get lots of health and skin benefits by eating this Orange coloured fruit Orange.

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Benefits of eating Orange

Moisturise and nourish skin
Eating Orange or drinking Orange juice moisture our skin because of Vitamin C present in it.

Prevents acne and acne scars
Orange peel is said to be one of the best treatements for acne and acne scars. Apply pure orange peel mixed with milk or curd to your face, leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse with cold water and pat dry. Do this regularly for atleast 15 days to see the results.

Acts as a Natural Bleach
Orange acts a natural bleach on skin because of Vitamin C in it. Application of Orange peel mixed with milk or curd helps in whitening of skin by lightening it colour.

Gives a healthy natural glow to skin
Orange peel helps in removal of dead skin and gives a healthy glow to our face.

Wrinkle free Skin
Orange contains antioxidants, so eating oranges makes our skin younger and wrinkle free.

Boosts Immunity
Orange contains Vitamin C and thus boosts immunity of body and helps in fighting infections.

Helps in Weight Loss
Orange contains vitamin C and is citric in nature thus helps in weight loss. Orange when eaten as a whole contains lot of fibres which makes us feel full thus helping in weight loss.

Helps in digestion
Orange contains lot of fibres which helps in digestion.

Health and skin benefits of Orange are not limited as mentioned above. There are still many more like Orange is also good for our hair. Orange helps in getting rid of dandruff & also adds shine to our hair. So start eating Orange or drinking orange juice to feel its various health benefits.

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