Nycil Cool Gulabjal Prickly Heat Powder Review

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Nycil Cool Gulabjal Prickly Heat Powder Review

Nycil Cool Gulabjal Instant Cooling.

I have already reviewed lot of prickly heat powders on my blog like Hula Hula, Dermicool, Boroplus and this time its Nycil Prickly heat Powder. Summers have almost started and so I was already in search of a good prickly heat powder to avoid the problem of back acne which I normally get in summers. I never tried Nycil prickly heat powder, this is the first time I bought it and here is the review on this Nycil Gulabjal Prickly Heat Powder.

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Nycil Cool Gulabjal - a refreshing cooling experience from Nycil, the most effective prickly heat powder. Nycil Cool Gulabjal has the cool goodness of rose petals and the trusted efficacy of Nycil with the anti bacterial goodness of Neem. Use Nycil Cool Gulabjal in summers and stay refreshingly cool & protected.

Nycil Cool Gulabjal's Unique Formula contains,

Makhya Satva - Absorbs sweat & keeps skin dry
Neem Oil - Acts as anti-bacterial & anti-fungal agent
Pudina Ark - Provides Instant Cooling Relief.
Rose Petal Powder - Provides Natural Cooling

PRICE - Rs 170/- for 187.5 g. (Its 25% free on this bottle).

Nycil Powder comes in following different variants,

Nycil Excel Soothing & Cooling Powder
Nycil Cooling Sandal Excel Talcum Powder
Nycil Classic Soothing & Cooling Prickly Heat Powder
Nycil Cool Herbal With Neem & Pudina Talcum Powder.


This Nycil Gulabjal Prickly Heat Powder comes in attractive red pink color bottle with a usual sprinkle twister at the top, but unfortunately I got the bottle with the broken twister, and now I find it extremely hard to use since whole powder comes out at once.

The smell of the powder is very much like Rose and Gulabjal infact much much stronger than Gulabjal. Its so strong that when you apply this powder, you feel like you are in a tub of Gulab Jal. It totally takes my senses away atleast for first few minutes till it goes down a little. Regading its cooling effect, I feel its gives slightly less cooling effect compared to other prickly heat powders. Its definitely gives some cooling on the damp skin but not really that much as expected out of cooling prickly heat powder. I have been using it since a week and it actually gives some cooling in these hot days and my acne has reduced a little after using this.

Overall this Nycil GulabJal is just an average prickly heat powders. Its ok in terms of cooling and reducing back acne but I dont like its Gulabjal Fragrance at all. Its extremely strong. Next time, if I but this, I would definitely go for some other variant of this Nycil Prickly Heat Powder.


Easily Available.
Slight cooling effect on damp skin.
Comes in different variants.
Reaonably Priced.


Gulabjal fragrance too strong.
Less cooling effect than expected.

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