Nail Polish Remover Pads in India

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nail Polish Remover Pads in India

Orris Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads avaialble in India.

I have always been using the liquid nail polish remover from Lakme and other brands till now but very recently I saw a very unique product in National Handloom. It was Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads. Though I have heard of Hip Hop nail paint remover pads available online but never ordered it. I don't know since how long such nail paint remover pads have been available in India and in how many brands because for me this was something very unique, and since this time I saw this right in front of my eye, so could not afford to miss it and bought this Orris Nail Polish Remover in Aloe Vera variant.

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Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads are available in following different variants,

Aloe Vera

Price - Rs 65/- for 30 pads.

I was looking at different products in beauty section of National Handloom, when my eyes caught at these cute looking round shaped box of Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads . These were available in different variants like Vanilla, Lavender, Aloe Vera and were completely packed so I could not even smell its fragrance but I selected Aloe Vera because of its amazing properties.I thought of buying all variants since these were very cheap at Rs.. 65/- but somehow I was not sure whether these would really remove nail paints properly and how safe these would be, though it claims to be acetone free.

The best thing about these Orris nail polish remover pads is that these are so so travel friendly, no leaking or dropping of liquid and so small in size that can even fit in your pockets. You just carry this and you are free of carrying those glass liquid nail paint remover bottle along with cotton balls. I just bought it 2 days back and have not yet tested them, but would immediately upload its review.

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