Benefits of Using Clear Transparent Mascara

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Benefits of Using Clear Transparent Mascara

Mascara plays a very important role in our makeup and beauty kit. Mascara is one such makeup product which makes our eyes look more attractive and more bright. It boosts our eyelashes in a way that our eyes look more bright and vibrant. Without the use of Mascara our eyes look incomplete and so does our makeup. We all use different coloured mascara black, brown while going into parties, but do we know the benefits of using clear transparent mascara and how frequently and on which occassions should we use it.

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Using clear transparent mascara is somewhat different than using black mascara. We use black mascara to make our eyelashes appear more rich and dark, while clear transparent mascaras are used to give a natural thick look to our eyelashes by making them more volumized. Many times when we don't want to apply makeup or atleast don't want to show off our makeup, then clear masacaras are best to use. They give our eyeslashes and eyes both a volumized thick look naturally without making your look gaudy whether its day time or night time.

Not only this, clear mascaras serve much more purpose than just making our eyes look thicker. Clear mascara works as perfect base if applied before black or other coloured mascaras. Coloured mascaras in combination with the clear ones give a fully thick dark volumized look, perfect for special night time parties. Also the clear mascaras help in keeping mascara for long. Coloured mascara cannot be used for retouch, but clear mascara gives a smooth retouch over coloured one keeping the vibrant look of eyes intact.

So go and get yourself a clear transparent mascara of any good brand for your natural makeup look.

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