VEET Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin Review

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

VEET Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin Review

I personally normally don’t like using hair removal cream because of various cons linked to it, most important one being darkening of skin. Even though some creams in the market now claim to be all herbal thus removing hair without darkening of skin, but somehow I am not really convinced with this fact. What I doubt is that if a cream is removing your hair without any pain, it surely does have some chemical in it. I normally get my hair waxed but this time I could not go to saloon so bought this Veet Hair Removal cream from a nearby store.

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What it Claims?

If you have sensitive skin, this is the right Veet for you. Its superior formulation contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, well known for their skin caring properties leaving you feeling smooth, soft and beautiful.

Simply apply the cream on to your skin, spread evenly with the help of the perfect touch spatula, wait for 5 minutes, and remove hair with the spatula. (If required, leave the cream on for a bit longer but do not exceed 10 minutes)

Go on, you deserve to have the Veet smooth and beautiful skin.

Price – Rs 72/- for 60g.

This Veet Hair Removal cream comes in different variants for dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. I bought the blue one meant for sensitive skin. This Veet Hair Removal Cream for sensitive cream comes with moisture complex, aloe vera and vitamin E. This cream comes in a tube form along with spatula to spread the cream on skin.

I applied the cream on to my skin directly and left it for 5 minutes as written in the instructions. Then I tried removing the cream to check if hair comes out but unfortunately not all hair were coming out. Little from the top were pulling. I left it or 2-3 minutes more, and then checked. This time they were coming out nicely but still the skin was not left clean. There were tiny hair left at different places. Though not too many but at some places. But I did not wait for any long and wiped the whole area and some of tiny hair came out with the wipe leaving just 1- 2 hair back.

So the result was average. My hair were not removed in specified time, it took bit longer leaving few tiny hair back. Good thing was that that this Veet cream did not itch or react to my sensitive skin. Regarding darkening effects, I don’t know since I used it only once. I won’t be using this for regular waxing since I still have many doubt regarding hair removal creams. Although I would keep a tube of this Veet in my purse as an emergency since I would definitely prefer Veet over any other hair removal cream.


A quick solution to hair removal.
Nice option in emergency.
Did not irritate my sensitive skin.
Remove almost all hair though not 100% but quite satisfactory in case of emergency.
Comes in different variants.
Easily available.


Almost all hair cream are known to cause skin darkening, though not really sure about this Veet Cream since used only once.
Did not remove all hair at once in the specified time.

Rating – 3/5

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